Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 17th July 2023 Written Update

Written episode of Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 17th July 2023 on

As revealed by Samar in the episode, he regards Raghu’s anger as a vulnerability that he can exploit. He sets fire to Raghu’s photograph. Observing Maan, he comments, “You hold deep affection for your family. I will obliterate them, and your solitude will be your downfall.” He burns Maan’s picture as well. Samar then directs his attention to himself, acknowledging, “Your transgression, Sam, is lust. I will engineer a situation that leads you to a mistake costing you the Ranak palace’s shelter.” He ignites his own photograph while declaring, “Swati’s weakness is greed, and I’ll orchestrate her submission to my will.”

Samar sets fire to Rani Maa’s portrait, declaring that her ego was her downfall. He then turns his attention to Shiv’s photograph and his silent prayers, declaring that he would snatch away everything belonging to him. His eyes then drifted over to Surilii’s photo and she too is seen praying – he comments on her strong will as he announces his plan to part her from Shiv by going through her first. After burning the image, Pandit announced that the Havana was complete and requested for Dakshina from Rani Maa; Maan complied with his request.

She says I’m tired, and I’m going to rest. Shiv says Surilii, I have to talk about something important. I’ll just immerse these things in the river and come back. Shiv goes. Surilii picks up the divorce papers. Shiv wants to divorce me because we couldn’t keep the relationship for 7 weeks after we promised we would be together for 7 births. She takes off the mangalsutra.

She prepares her luggage and departs. Subsequently, Samar enters the room, encounters the divorce papers, and hurls the mangalsutra onto the pile. Shiv arrives and inquires about Surilii from Mithi, to which she replies that she’s unaware. Shiv proceeds to his room where he discovers her mangalsutra. Filled with disappointment, he muses, “Surilii didn’t wait for me, forgetting our vows. Is our bond truly so fragile? Why does she harbor such ego?” In response to his emotions, Shiv too decides to leave home. Meanwhile, Surilii is en route.

Maasi and Sasha hug Surilii when she gets home. She cries and tells them everything. Maasi asks how dare Shiv talk about divorce. Maasi asks why Shiv calls her. Surilii does not take Shiv’s call. He shouts, “I’m sorry, but give me a chance.” Maasi consoles her. Shiv keeps calling her. He returns home in the morning. Rani Maa asks what happened. He says he will talk to you later.

In the kitchen, Shiv sees Maan making cup cakes for Rani Maa. Raghu tells him to grow up. Shiv says that business isn’t everything in life, Maan is right, Maa needs us right now. Sam says we’ll bake them together. The cupcakes are made. Mithi tells them to ask Surilii to make them. Shiv scolds her and asks her to leave. Maan says we’ll call Surilii. Shiv says the cupcakes are ready, we didn’t need anyone’s help, don’t always use Surilii’s name.


Raghu says we will join hands with Samar. Samar says he is not paying attention to business, so Shiv gets angry at him. Rani Maa asks Shiv to get Surilii. Shiv goes to meet Surilii.


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