Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 7th July 2023 Episode Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

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Maan comes into his room and rests. He does shayari. He starts coughing. He looks for his asthma pump. Maan leaves his room. Samar dances in Maan’s room. Ambitai sees him. She gets the bottle from his room. Maan falls down the stairs. Everyone runs to him and worries. Samar rejoices.

Maan is told to use the pump and breathe. Shiv says we should take him to the hospital. Sam asks if I should come. She says no, stay back. Sam is concerned about the problems coming up. Ambitai asks him to drink milk. She thinks her dream is coming true. Sam says this is not a coincidence. Surilii says I will fix everything. She encourages him and urges him to find happiness. She provides reassurance, stating, “I will ensure the safety of this family.”

In order to take Samar’s tea, she asks Ambitai. She says I will ask him if he is okay. As she goes to Samar’s room, she finds him sleeping. He says Maa. She asks what you said. He says he doesn’t have mum, so I always feel her, so I say good morning to her. She comments, “That’s thoughtful of you. Here’s your morning tea. Ambitai was occupied, so I brought it. How are you feeling?” He inquires, “Are you searching for something in particular?”

He says I can help you. She says it is not bad, you know it. He says I can help you. She says it’s my house, I can come anytime, I don’t need to explain, right? He says yes. She says you didn’t tell me, how are you feeling, we were worried. He says I am fine, I think I should leave. She says no, take a break, and get well. He says thank you for the tea. She says you made good arrangements, but you should have focused on security, better luck next time, and enjoy your tea. She leaves.

Ambitai tells me she is strange, taking the tea tray from me. He comments that she’s different, my kind of person, looking for evidence. I am pretty sure she will find it; we should keep track of her since she is very talented. She nods in agreement. Surilii inquires about Maan, and Shiv responds that he is stable. He adds that his mother and he are attending to him, and they will be discharged soon. Surilii offers to arrange a family dinner; Swati and Raghav would appreciate that opportunity, and probably Maan too. Shiv expresses how fortunate he feels to have her in his life, thanking her whilst expressing his love for her. She asks him to let Maan know that everyone is waiting for him, to which Shiv replies positively before departing with an “okay bye”. She remarks how victory looks unlikely for their enemy today.

The entire family relishes the dinner together. Shiv mentions, “I’ve organized dinner outside to help take our minds off things.” Rani Maa says but Monty… Until we stay united, we can handle any situation. Raghu takes food for Swati. She taunts him and goes. Shiv talks on the phone. Samar looks on. Surilii goes. Mithi and Sam share a moment.

Samar smiles as Rani Maa and Shiv discuss work. Maan apologetically mentioned that Surilii was given the responsibility of a family member not as strong as others, but Rani Maa reassured him that she chose the best player with the intention of bringing them success, asking him to relax and enjoy dinner. Taking her advice, Surilii went inside the palace to check the rooms, where Samar asked her to locate Surilii who wasn’t present. Searching fruitlessly, she noticed Mithi donning ear pods.

It’s night, Surilii checks Mithi’s room. The missing earphone means Mithi… She wakes up Mithi and scolds her. She inquires, “How could you deceive the family?” Mithi claims I didn’t cheat. Surilii says come with me, you can’t do this alone, who else is with you? Shiv doesn’t find Surilii beside. He looks for her.

Surilii asks how did you get this earphone, how did you get it? Mithi says it’s not mine, I took this to talk on the phone, I’m telling the truth, my phone fell in water and its speaker doesn’t work, you can check it out. Shiv calls out Surilii. Taking this earphone from Ambitai’s room, Mithi says she got it from there.


Ambitai mixes something in the milk. Surilii hears her talking. She stops Sam and accuses Ambitai. Samar looks on.

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