Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Abhimanyu creating a card for Roohi, apologizing for the hurt she experienced and promising to make it up to her. Aarohi reflects on her actions and wonders why things are not going as planned, realizing that she is doing this for her daughter’s dreams. Meanwhile, Abhimanyu is called to attend to a guest who had an allergic reaction, leaving Roohi alone. Roohi finds the pink butterfly card made by Abhimanyu and assumes he loves her. However, when she sees Abhir’s pictures on his phone, she concludes that he loves Abhir more than her and feels upset.

Manjiri recalls Roohi’s words while Shefali and Manjiri are on their way. She reassures Shefali not to worry and mentions the tension caused by Roohi’s call. Manjiri blames herself for not realizing this sooner. Akshara observes the ruined items and wonders who could have done this. She spots Roohi and suspects that she may have been responsible for the mess due to her anger. Abhimanyu suggests checking the CCTV footage, but Roohi confesses to causing the destruction and expresses her desire to go home. Abhimanyu tries to understand what happened, but Roohi remains upset and leaves. Abhir hugs Abhinav and assures him that he didn’t do anything to upset Roohi. Akshara notices Aarohi in distress.

Meanwhile, Muskaan gets ready for a meeting with the guy’s family. Surekha notices her sadness and questions her about changing her mind or wanting to send the family back. Muskaan smiles and joins them. The guests commented on Muskaan’s aggression, blaming her for their children’s upset. Aarohi cries, and Akshara approaches her, defending her mother from unfair judgments. She emphasizes that children make mistakes and go through rebellious phases as part of growing up, urging them not to make things difficult for mothers. The people apologize and leave.

Abhinav suggests cleaning up the mess, but Aarohi expresses her concern about Roohi growing distant from her father. She walks away, leaving Akshara worried. Abhimanyu apologizes to Roohi and tries to talk to her, but she remains upset and unresponsive. The lady compliments her son, and Manish comments on their luck. Muskaan enters and greets them. Suvarna introduces Raghav to Muskaan. Kairav notices Raghav and takes his phone, making a remark about its value before throwing it, simulating damage and comparing it to the cost of repairing his car. Abhimanyu and Akshara try to make them understand, but their efforts seem to go in vain. Abhinav approaches Aarohi.

She says, “I don’t want to talk.” She cries and complains about Akshara, expressing her grievances. She continues, “Neil came into my life, I got pregnant with Roohi. I thought I had everything in my life, but I lost him because of Akshara. Akshara has a family, but what do I have? I have nothing except Roohi. Akshara and her son Abhir have come between Roohi’s happiness. I feel helpless and unable to do anything for my daughter.” Aarohi breaks down in tears.

Akshara intervenes and says, “You are forgetting the line that Neil had sketched on your fate.” Abhimanyu recalls the line and listens attentively. Akshara persists, “You found out about your connection with Abhir merely four days ago, but you have known Roohi since the day she was born. She looks up to you as her father figure, but what have you done? You have chosen Abhir and disregarded Roohi. It is crucial for you to comprehend that Abhinav and I play significant roles in Abhir’s life. If Doc Man isn’t present for him, he may not face any storms, but Roohi’s life will be utterly shattered in your absence.”

Aarohi expresses her despair, saying, “I thought my family would be complete after marrying Abhimanyu, but now my family is falling apart because of Akshara’s comeback.” Abhinav tries to reason with her, stating, “Every coin has two sides, and the truth has another perspective. Trust me, Akshara never wished harm upon you. She loves you deeply and wants your happiness.”

Akshara further explains to Abhimanyu, “Roohi and Aarohi’s lives will be ruined due to your stubbornness. Everyone is pointing fingers at Aarohi’s upbringing. You have to put an end to this obsession for Abhir, or else our children will suffer even more than us. You have the power to fix this. Make a decision—whether you want Abhir, your blood, or Roohi, your soul. Roohi is your responsibility, and Abhir is your son.”

Manjiri drops her phone, and they notice her presence.


Akshara argues with Manjiri. She says to Abhinav, “We can’t wait any longer.” Manjiri arrives at the Goenka house and announces, “I have come to give good news. Abhir is Akshara and Abhi’s son.”

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