Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th June 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th June 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Abhimanyu refusing to make jam, congratulating Aarohi, and leaving. Aarohi enters and apologizes for her lack of kitchen skills. Akshara reassures her that she can easily learn. Aarohi mentions the news of Manjiri’s arrival and acknowledges that their relationship with the house is still intact. Abhinav proposes keeping 500rs in the envelopes, while Neela irons the notes. Akshara arrives and notices their actions. Feeling untrusting, she questions the importance of the notes and ring. Abhinav clarifies that he trusts Akshara and her family, but as an only brother, he wants to fulfill his wish by doing this himself. He kindly asks for Akshara’s permission to continue with his plan.

According to Neela, all sisters should have brothers like Abhimanyu who are thoughtful enough to provide them with bedding. When Akshara comes across him sleeping in a different room, she asks for the identity of the occupant. Abhimanyu responds by explaining that he gave his room to Neela’s relatives and is now staying there. However, Akshara immediately expresses her concern and reminds him that he pays rent for the house and therefore should not be sleeping in someone else’s room. Abhimanyu tries to convince her that he would sleep near the window but Akshara insists that it’s not a good idea as it may lead to health problems. Meanwhile, Abhir and Ruhi sing about Dida’s impending arrival. Despite knowing that their mother is coming, Abhimanyu reassures Akshara that there won’t be any trouble because of her. In turn, she promises to make sure that Dida has a comfortable stay without causing inconvenience to anyone else.

Akshara does Manjiri’s aarti in the morning. Abhimanyu comes and hugs her. Suvarna warns Surekha. Abhir and Ruhi come and hug Manjiri. Abhir says I’m happy that you’re here. Manjiri says both of you are beautiful. Muskaan looks for the ring. She asks where I keep the expensive ring. She prays. Abhimanyu asks Manjiri to come to the hotel and rest. He says, “Why, she can stay with us in our neighbor’s house.”.

She says there is no place to sleep. Manjiri says it’s fine. Abhir says you can stay with us. She says no. Akshara says we’ll be pleased, you’ll stay here with us. They all ask Manjiri. Manjiri says she cannot refuse now. Abhir and Ruhi hug her. Muskaan asks what will happen now. Kairav asks shall we go on a date. She screams and becomes afraid. She sees him. She says I have much work. He asks if all’s well, what happened. She says Neela called me for some work and leaves.

After Neil’s departure, Aarohi believes I have made this family my topmost priority. However, it seems that I do not hold the same importance in their lives. I cannot impose myself on them; perhaps I simply do not belong here. As Manjiri enters the room, her attention is drawn towards Akshara’s family photo. Abhimanyu then arrives and kindly begins to massage her feet. Curiously, he asks about her journey and continues with a hesitant tone, saying that it’s nice she is here but… Interrupting him, she clarifies that her purpose for visiting was to see Abhir, not attend Kairav’s wedding. She reminds Abhimanyu that he also came to meet Abhir, who is now doing well and happily playing around. With a nudging tone, she suggests that it may be time for them to reveal the truth to Abhir.

He says you can spend much time with him, but don’t tell the truth, only Akshara and I have the right to do that. He goes out and sees Akshara . She says thanks for this decision. He says we need to tell Abhinav first. She says she will tell him after the marriage, he can’t handle it. Abhinav hears them talk about kids.

Muskaan, Neela says, Akshara told me that you have the engagement ring, Manish and Suvarna got the engagement stuff, so they want to keep it there. Muskaan cries. Neela asks why you’re crying. Abhinav asks why you’re crying. Muskaan says he lost the ring. Neela says what, it’s so expensive. He says calm down, don’t tell anybody, I’ll do fine, send me a picture of the ring. She says no, you won’t buy the new one. Neela says we can’t afford it.

He mentions that others may perceive Muskaan as careless, but I will ensure we have the same ring by this evening. Surekha observes. Manjiri enters the kitchen and notices the ration list. She wonders how Akshara can manage with such a limited amount of supplies. She notices a note in the rice box and is pleased to see that Akshara has found a way to save money. Manjiri notices the happy atmosphere and also spots a torn table cloth. As she steps out, she overhears Akshara discussing a jam order on the phone. While making garlands, Akshara also stirs a container of jam and sees Manjiri standing behind her before leaving herself.


Upon meeting the guests, Abhir meets Manjiri, who gets angry and says he is not Abhir Sharma, but Abhir B…

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