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The scene begins with Baldev, who informs his family that they have come to the gathering as if it were a party rather than a religious ceremony. He points out that they forgot to bring the necessary items for the puja. Krishna volunteers to go and retrieve them. At the puja store, he struggles to decide which items to purchase. Meanwhile, Bindiya also selects some items and they end up holding the basket together without making eye contact. Krish takes the basket back to his family while Bindiya prays for his well-being. As Payal approaches, Krish eagerly awaits her arrival. Baldev and his family request Pandit ji to commence the puja rituals. Indu asks him to bless Krish, but discovers he is no longer present. Bindiya then grabs Indu’s hand and presents her with a shagun coin for her future husband. However, Payal insists on going alone when Bindiya inquires about her plans. Krish wonders who Payal is speaking with.

Vikram takes Krish to Pandit ji, who kindly reprimands him. After receiving a blessed chunari from the Pandit, Krish is instructed to give it to his future wife for their love to flourish like Radha and Krishna’s. Meanwhile, Bindiya informs Payal that she will perform a puja and excuses herself. Payal contemplates her life as an orphan, while Krish accidentally runs into Bindiya causing the chunari to fall on her. He apologizes and leaves, leaving Bindiya wondering who left the chunari for her. Later, Krish requests Payal to meet him but she declines. At the same time, Sakshi informs Indu that they can head home as the parlour girl has been summoned there. Agreeing with Indu’s suggestion, Baldev says they should also go home. However, Krish protests and suggests having bhog first instead.

Krish and Vikram accompany Payal as she goes to get bhog. During their outing, Payal confesses to Bindiya about her past and how she had lied about being an orphan from Kanpur in order to protect herself. Bindiya is taken aback by this revelation and believes that no relationship can survive on a foundation of lies. Payal justifies her actions by explaining that she was afraid of losing her love if she had told him the truth. However, Bindiya disagrees and reminds Payal that starting a new life based on deceit is not right. Although Payal promises to reveal the truth at a later time, Bindiya expresses her disappointment and hurt for always being kept in the dark and not being accepted as a sister by Payal. She also shares her doubts about attending Payal’s wedding, but Payal suggests they attend as neighbours instead. Despite trying to downplay the situation, Bindiya remains hurt by what has transpired between them.

She says she will be scared until you are here. Bindiya cries. Vikram asks Krish since when he became Krishna Bhakt. Krish says he is more Radha Bhakt. Vikram asks if you mean Papa’s favorite Bindiya. Baldev collides with Payal and starts scolding her for colliding with him. Baldev asks where her manners are? Payal asks if he left his manners at home with his shirt. Krish gets shocked to see Payal and Baldev argue. Baldev feels sorry for her relatives.

Baldev says today’s generation lacks manners and values. Payal says she doesn’t have relatives like you. Krish says Papa…come from here. Krish realizes he’s his father and regrets it. He takes her from there. He asks Payal why she did this. Payal replies that she met some Didi who would not leave her. Krish says he will do something about it, and next time he won’t identify her. Bindiya is upset. Payal thinks the candy floss will cheer her up.


Baldev’s son Krish is brought to Baldev’s house by Payal. Bindiya sees Krish, and Payal also looks at him.

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