Teri Meri Doriyaan 1st August 2023 Written Update


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Inder speaks to his family, acknowledging their anger towards him. He then reveals that he has made a decision. However, Angad interrupts him and asks if there are more secrets to be uncovered. Sahiba chimes in, reminding Inder to show respect towards their father and hear him out. This prompts Seerat to lash out at Sahiba, accusing her of wanting to see Angad and Manveer suffer. Inder clarifies that the secret he just revealed was the only one he had been keeping for ten years – his love for Gayatri which he had to give up due to Manveer’s disapproval. He sincerely apologizes to Angad and Manveer on behalf of himself and Gayatri, although he knows she will not forgive him easily. He then pleads with the family not to punish Simran or send her away from the Brar household as she has finally found a loving family after a long time.

A young Simran runs to Inder with her childhood album and falls down. Inder and Gayatri’s photo pops out from behind her pic. She shows it to him. If she was telling something to papa, then why did she stop, and if she forgets things like her sometimes, she feels the same pinch. Seerat says Manveer remembered everything instead of forgetting she was there.

Akaal gives the order to remove Simran from this location. She asks if he is her grandfather and if her father is an only child. Inder introduces his two sisters and one brother. Simran also points out that if she is Angad’s mother, she is also her own mother. Wanting a daughter, Inder suggests that Manveer should accept Simran as her own. However, Manveer insists that she wanted a child from her own body and not an illegitimate child of Inder’s. Veer attempts to take Simran away once again. Simran inquires why he always takes her away during important discussions and checks on Manveer’s well-being since she was previously sick. Manveer admits that Simran’s constant questioning of her health is causing distress. Jasleen agrees with Inder’s suggestion that Manveer should embrace Simran as one of their own since she has Brar blood running through her veins.

As Manveer refuses to accept Simran again, he yells at Inder. Akaal says Simran should leave if Manveer doesn’t want her here. Sahiba asks him to not betray a motherless child. She threw Simran’s bag out and said she understood Manveer’s pain as even her husband betrayed her. She also said she would throw Simran out now. Sahiba confronted her for being so ruthless.

He yells at Sahiba for hiding the truth from them and making them sinners, saying she supported Inder and is also a sinner like Inder; he thought she was sensitive, but he was wrong; she is irresponsible, etc. Sahiba is not ashamed of her act, Seerat explains. Sahiba wonders why they can humiliate a child just because she cannot fight for herself when she doesn’t have anyone in her life except Inder.

Angad claims Simran will not remain in this home, leading Sahiba to question his support for Seerat’s actions of throwing a child’s bag out. Angad clarifies that he does not condone Seerat’s behavior, but believes Simran did not have bad intentions. A disagreement arises, resulting in Inder attempting to collect Simran’s bag. Sahiba intervenes and urges Seerat to retrieve it instead. However, Seerat refuses, causing Sahiba to compare her to how she behaved at the guest house. This frightens Seerat, afraid that Sahiba will expose her secret trip with Angad without informing the family. She expresses her desire to avoid any further quarrels and hurriedly packs her belongings into the bag. Annoyed, Sahiba commands her to handle the items carefully. Once finished, Sahiba instructs her to pick up the bag and hand it over. With Jasleen looking on in disbelief, Seerat complies and hands over the bag as requested.

Angad is angry with him, so Inder comforts Simran and feeds her food. As Simran feels sad, she goes to the kitchen to prepare food for him and cheer him up. As she turns on the toaster, it malfunctions and short circuits. Simran pleads for help as Angad walks to her.


Simran is dragged out of the house by Manveer. He pleads with Angad to save him. Sahiba asks Angad if he will not protect his sister. Angad stops Manveer.


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