Teri Meri Doriyaan


Written Episode of Teri Meri Doriyaan for 2nd February 2023,

Ajith noticed Santosh was tense, and asked her the reason. Seerat returned home cheerfully after her double date, and inquired if something had transpired at the Brar mansion that caused them to annul their alliance. Ajith reminded her not to have such lofty goals and sully their self-respect. Santosh snapped back at him, accusing him of not being able to provide their children with a luxurious lifestyle or getting them married into wealthy families. Seerat implored her to tell them what occurred at the Brar estate. Santosh kept belittling Ajith, who said she should speak more slowly. Taiji intervened, asking Santosh to compose herself and not blame her husband. Santosh declared that because of Ajith, she was posed with inextricable queries from the Brars. Ajith noted she had told him not to help her out; still now she did not want his assistance.

The drama continues with Brar’s wanting to have their elder son Angad marry Seerat, and Manveer, her mother, planning a visit in order to formalize the alliance. This news delights Seerat. However, Santosh boldly states that she will take care of it all on her own, without requiring the help from Ajtih or Sahiba. When Sahiba arrives home, she expresses her disbelief at the match and won’t give in to having Seerat marry someone as ill-mannered and arrogant as Angad. Seerat accuses Sahiba of being jealous and wanting to wed a rich man herself. In response, Sahiba speaks of Angad’s misconduct citing how he didn’t even make it to the restaurant on time. Seerat then reflects back on when she thought she had a double date with two Brar boys..

Sahiba then calls Keerat, informing her about how the latter was harmed trying to protect Seerat from attackers. Instead of owning up to the truth, Seerat lies that it was Garry who had come for her rescue and that Keerat had put herself in danger due to her recklessness. Keerat is left taken aback and attempts to reveal her sister’s true nature, however Seerat refuses to admit it. Uneasy with Seerat’s thoughtlessness that almost costed Keerat’s life, Sahiba scolds her for being so avaricious as to jeopardize her sister’s life. Santosh interrupts them and tells Sahiba that what use is their loyalty if they fail to get Seerat married into an affluent family. She then says she will contact Sudha, a rich relative of theirs, and have Angad and Seerat engaged in her household.

As her sister hasn’t seen her in years and considers her a disgrace, Ajith asks if she is sure about it. Santosh is adamant. Sahiba urges her not to ruin the life of Seerat by getting her married to ATM Angad. His fight with Sahiba is recalled by Angad, who thinks that Seerat made a mistake by messing up with him. He praises Seerat’s calm and well-mannered behavior and fumes that Sahiba is rude.

When they arrive at Seerat’s house, Bebe tells Manveer she wants to perform Seerat and Angad’s engagement. Although Angad likes Seerat, Manveer’s decision is final. Santosh burns herself to death.

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