Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain S1 E4 of 15th Jan 2009

Akshara and Naitik

Alok likes Akshara

Varsha warns Alok not to get too friendly and avoid meeting them again when Akshara bumps into Alok in College.  At home Gopi warns Dhaniya not to be too friendly with Bhola.  

Akshara returns home from College in a serious mood but smiles when she hears that her brother Shaurya has returned from Delhi,

Dadi requests Akshara not to tell Shaurya anything of what has happened the previous day.  Shaurya is proud of his achievements in business but his father is still not satisfied with his performance.  Shaurya tries to figure out why everyone was upset the previous evening.  After Alok tells him the whole story, Shaurya becomes upset.

Varsha tries convincing Akshara to join the College picnic.

Shaurya and Varsha are in love

Shaurya and Varsha like each other but the family is now aware of their friendship.  Varsha convinces Shaurya to join the picnic so that Akshara can also go.

On the other side Alok is also planning to go for the picnic.

Precap: At the picnic spot Akshara screams when she sees Alok. 

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