Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th July 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 29th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Parth saying I called the police, they’ll come. Aarohi says we should inform Akshara. Manjiri says no, if she’s ill and knows Abhir isn’t here, she’ll become worse. Parth says the police have arrived. Kairav and Muskaan arrive. Aarohi says we were going to inform you. He stops her. Karav and Muskaan fold hands and ask Manjiri to come with them. The Muskaan says Akshara isn’t fine, so let’s take Abhir to Akshara. If Akshara sees Abhir once, she’ll get better.

If you want Akshara’s life, please take Abhir to Kasauli. No one will try to steal him from you, Kairav says. He apologizes to Abhimanyu and asks that Abhir be taken to Kasauli. As the police approach, Abhimanyu says, Sir, my son is missing. Kairav and Muskaan are shocked. Inspector asks when Abhimanyu last saw him.

It is Aarohi who stops Kairav. Kairav grabs Abhimanyu’s collar and scolds him. He says Abhir is just 6 year old, you lost him, you all don’t know about him, do you care for him in this way? Abhir is happy with his parents, he says, a child isn’t a piece of land you can stamp your name on, it’s not a property issue, and you don’t deserve to become a father.

Abhimanyu expresses that he does not care about the other person’s opinion of him, as he is the father and the person in question is his uncle. He acknowledges that the latter may be hurt, but asks them to consider his own feelings in this situation. He apologizes for being unable to tolerate any more nonsense and directs the inspector to search for his son. Abhir inquires about the distance to the station, while also mentioning that his mother is waiting outside. He notices some kachoris and memories of Akshara and Abhinav flood back. Upon seeing the price board, he realizes that if he were to buy a kachori, he would not have enough money left for a ticket. The man offers him something to which Abhir declines, citing concerns of getting scolded by his parents. He quenches his thirst with some water before leaving.

Abhinav spots Akshara and she mentions that it is 2pm, which means Abhir’s school is now over. She suggests calling Abhimanyu to check if he has reached home. However, he reassures her that he will take care of it. Abhimanyu then contacts the inspector, but his phone is on silent. Manjiri notices the missed call and suspects Kairav might have informed Abhinav. Reassuringly, Abhinav explains that he must be driving at the moment. Akshara insists on calling him, but Nishta brings Shivu and Ruhi downstairs. Manjiri questions why the children were called and Abhimanyu explains that they just need to ask them a few questions for clarification. Shefali urges the kids to be honest with the police.

Shivu is asked if Abhir has said anything, is he worried about anything. Inspector asks Ruhi to speak. Manjiri says she was close to Abhir, she is worried about him, don’t ask her more. Inspector says it’s a basic routine, small information makes the case stronger. Akshara says if I want to talk to Abhir, I need to call Manish or Kairav, ask them to make me talk to him. Suwarna, Manish, Surekha, and Dadi cry. They worry about Abhir.

Abhinav contacts Manish, but he is unavailable. Instead, Surekha answers the call and inquires about Akshara’s well-being. Abhinav explains that Akshara is conscious, but still battling a fever. In response, Surekha offers to send a recipe for kada to help with the fever and advises him to take care of himself as well. Abhinav then asks about Abhir and Abhimanyu, to which Surekha responds affirmatively and mentions their plans to visit in the evening. Abhinav requests for a video call so Akshara can see her brother. Surekha agrees and reminds him that they are all there to support him. After the call ends, she cries while Akshara asks for an update on their conversation.

Abhinav reassures Akshara that Abhir and Ruhi will be coming home soon, and urges her not to stress about her fever. He also reminds her that Abhir wouldn’t like to see her unwell. Suspecting that something may be wrong, she expresses her concern about Abhir’s well-being. Meanwhile, Aarohi offers comforting words to Akshara and goes to get some water for her. Ruhi joins in the search for Abhir, praying for his safety. As Abhir looks for water, he overhears a conversation and faints from exhaustion. Akshara decides to call Abhimanyu to check on their baby, but is interrupted when their windchime falls down. She becomes determined not to break her promise to Abhir.


A scolding from Akshara causes Abhimanyu to hug the blanket and cry. She asks how can you not know about Abhir.


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