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Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 7th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

To save Shiv, Koyal asks Shakti to go with her. She takes a broom and slipper, she is about to hit her, but Dharam and Rimjhim stop her. Keertan holds back Koyal and says we just want Shiv to be freed. The man freed Koyal from the jail and started beating him. Keertan tried to stop her, but she wouldn’t listen. She threw both Koyal and Keertan out of the house. Shakti suggested that I save Shiv.

Manorama is livid. Didn’t you hear her insulting us? Are you deaf? She hurled so many insults at you, and yet you still want to protect her brother? Our honor must come first, Shakti. Don’t forget that. But Dr. Shiv…Is he more important than our family’s honor? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I can survive without money but not without my pride. I know Shiv may seem respectful, but that doesn’t change the fact that Koyal has disrespected us. That’s why I’ve marked this gate with red color – as a reminder of where our loyalty lies. You’re free to go if you want, but just remember the insults and choose wisely. If you leave, I’ll assume you’ve put an end to our honor. The decision is yours to make. With those words, Manorama storms off, leaving Shakti standing there in contemplation.

It’s Gayatri crying for Shiv and she says the girl was a blessing, but don’t let me be wrong. Meanwhile, Dadi is crying for Shiv saying he’s my friend, Shiv wouldn’t commit any sin, so please don’t punish him. Mandira won’t let their prayers work. Padma thinks they can pray all the way, but Mandira won’t let them.

She tells Koyal that she did her work, Mandira says I’m proud. Koyal says I learned planning from you. I insulted Shakti’s family so much that they won’t allow her to be near Shiv again.

He prays in the mandir and says the one side is Manorama who raised him and the other is Shiv who fought for him. It’s my Chachi’s honor and my upbringing that says I shouldn’t punish an innocent. She prays and Shiv starts cupping. Nandu asks the inspector for water and he brings it to him. Shiv drinks it and says that he doesn’t know who is remembering him. Chacha says Lord must help Shakti because she is praying with a clean heart.

While praying in the mandir, Shakti is caught off guard when heavy winds suddenly pick up and sweep away Manorama’s line from the gate. Chacha attributes this to a sign from the Lord and suggests that Shakti should follow it. Initially ready to leave, Shakti realizes she cannot abandon Manorama and insists Rimjhim and Dharam stay with her. As they prepare to leave, Rimjhim poses a question to Shakti – does she love Dr. Shiv? With memories of their time together flooding her mind, Shakti remains silent. Pressed for an answer, she responds by stating that respect holds greater importance than love – Dr. Shiv has been instrumental in her life and it is now her turn to repay his kindness. With determination, she declares that she is coming for him and departs from the house.

Mandira contacts Mr. Mehta to inform him of the board meeting taking place today, but unfortunately, Shiv’s arrest has caused some complications. As you know, the main trustee’s reputation could be jeopardized if there are any criminal charges against him. However, given our family connection, I trust you will keep this information confidential. After ending the call, she smirks and remarks that Shiv will no longer hold his position for daring to challenge her authority. Predictably, Shakti has not stepped in to help him either. Upon returning to the police station, Mandira apologizes to Ragunath for being unable to bring the girl in for questioning as she had refused. Despite sending Keertan and Koyal to her family, they were met with insults and beliefs that Shakti would not support her.

Shiv went above and beyond for her, but she showed little regard for him. As a consequence, Shiv is now facing a 3-day sentence in jail. Ragunath is understandably upset about the situation. However, to everyone’s surprise, Shiv seemed to sense something and uttered the name “Shakti.” Mandira quickly dismisses the idea of Shakti coming to help, claiming that Shakti only used Shiv for her own selfish reasons. However, to Mandira’s shock, Shakti appears on the scene. A smile instantly spreads across Shiv’s face as he sees Shakti. An exchange of smiles occurs between the two. Shakti assures everyone that no injustice will be allowed while she is around to protect Shiv. She rushes over to Shiv and they share a meaningful gaze. Ragunath finally realizes who this girl is and comments accordingly.

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