Shiv Shakti (Zee) 11th September 2023 Written Episode: Shakti’s Revelation, Love Confessions, and Family Drama

Shiv Shakti 11th September 2023 Written Episode Update on

While praying in the mandir, Shakti asks for guidance and the truth about Ranjan. As she begins to feel dizzy, Shiv notices her condition. Rimjhim remembers Keertan’s words about him liking her and looks for him. In the process, she almost falls but is saved by Manorama and Ranjan. Shakti checks on her, and Manorama assures her that everything is fine, advising Rimjhim to be more careful. Ranjan’s mother points out that she could have dropped the pooja plate, but Manorama reminds her that she didn’t, which is good.

As the pooja begins, Shiv confides in Nandu that he has exhausted all efforts to convince Shakti, but she remains unswayed. He believes that only a sign from God can change her mind; otherwise, he will accept her rejection and move on. Sadly, Shiv starts to leave when he notices Shakti’s dupatta catching fire, unbeknownst to her. Without hesitation, he calls out her name and alerts her of the danger. Panicked, Shakti attempts to remove the burning fabric but fails. Reacting quickly, Shiv rushes to her aid and discards the dupatta. In the commotion, Shakti’s pooja plate falls at Mata’s feet while Shiv tries to catch it. They share a moment of eye contact before Chacha observes them with surprise. Just then, Keertan arrives and notices their proximity.

She asks Chacha if she’s okay. Shiv thanks him for saving her life. Shakti says thank you. Shiv says I don’t need that, I want your friendship. Shakti asks are you a kid? Why do you keep pressuring me? I don’t want to reject you, but you don’t seem to understand. I should have just let you die if you wanted friendship in return for saving me.

Shiv warns against further repetition and urges them to resolve issues instead of cutting off communication. He expresses disappointment in the lack of support for his relationship with Mata’s blessing. Shiv then defends Shakti’s character and requests that no one taunt her. He exits, leaving behind a hurt Shakti. If the drama continues, Bubbly threatens to end the marriage, but Manorama assures it won’t. Chacha suggests continuing with the pooja while Keertan angrily storms off. Rimjhim plans to talk to Keertan about the situation.

Keertan exits the mandir with tears streaming down his face, but his departure is interrupted by Rimjhim’s arrival. She questions his tears, remarking on his delay. Keertan, emotionally wrought, reveals his heartache over a girl who taught him about romance, only to now engage in romance with another man. Rimjhim points out his past behavior, questioning how he could claim to love while causing pain. Angered, Keertan retorts, accusing Rimjhim of not understanding love. Rimjhim counters, asserting her own experience of love, which Keertan dismisses, calling her a derogatory term. This leads to a heated exchange where Keertan belittles Rimjhim’s worth, emphasizing his disdain for her association.

Shakti strides in and delivers a resounding slap to Keertan, shocking Rimjhim. She rebukes him for disrespecting her sister and labels him as uncouth for his inability to converse respectfully with women. Enraged, Keertan protests the slap, but Shakti strikes him again, warning him to watch his words, as she is fiercely protective of her loved ones. Keertan, reflecting on Shakti’s actions of saving Shiv in the past, realizes her true nature. Shakti dismisses him, instructing him to leave immediately as onlookers observe the confrontation. A concerned guest questions if Keertan is causing trouble, prompting Keertan to vow vengeance before storming off in anger. Shakti expresses gratitude to those present before departing with them.

As Rimjhim sobs, Shakti embraces her. Meanwhile, Ranjan watches from a distance. Shakti advises Rimjhim not to shed another tear for Keertan, as he does not deserve her affection. He takes her away from the scene. Later, Ranjan informs Mandira that Rimjhim is in love with no one other than her son, Keertan. Shocked by this news, Mandira questions how this can be possible. However, Ranjan insists he overheard it and has no reason to fabricate such a claim. Mandira is taken aback and counters that it cannot be true as Keertan despises women like Shakti and Rimjhim.

According to Ranjan, love can blind people and lead them to be with anyone, just like he cannot stop loving Shakti despite her insults. However, Mandira is unaware of why boys are drawn to Shakti. Furthermore, Ranjan reveals that Shakti has publicly slapped Mandira’s son twice. Despite this, Mandira’s son did not retaliate, as the crowd was on Shakti’s side. Upon hearing this, Mandira angrily ends the call and vows revenge against Shakti for attacking her vulnerability.

Shakti and Rimjhim are approached by Manorama. She asks how things are going with you both and the Kashyap boys. I have taught Keertan a lesson. He is so shameless, and I don’t like him one bit for Rimjhim. Manorama agrees. Shakti says I also feel Ranjan is not right for Rimjhim. He was hiding from Shiv. Manorama says stop. The world doesn’t revolve around your Shiv. Everyone saw you and Shiv together. She says he just saved me.

“Manorama has noticed that you should take control of your heart,” Shakti responds with confusion. Manorama then adds, “I have observed that Shiv has also fallen in love with you,” to which Shakti refutes, “That’s not possible. He only sees me as a friend.” Manorama insists otherwise, saying that Shiv is now in love with her and may not even realize it. She points out how he worries about Shakti’s well-being and how he protects her. Shakti remembers these instances, and Manorama continues, “It’s apparent in how he gazes at you and smiles.” Shakti remains puzzled by this revelation.

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