Suhaagan 20th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Krish’s Bold Move Shocks Bindiya and Family

Suhaagan 20th October 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Bindiya waking up at 6 am, surprised that she slept late. As she catches a glimpse of the sunlight falling on Krish’s face, she asks him to return to their room and rest. However, seeing him sleeping peacefully, she changes her mind and decides not to disturb him. Instead, Bindiya heads off to prepare for the Navratri puja. She carefully pulls the curtain across the path to block the sunlight from disturbing Krish’s slumber.

Meanwhile, Nidhi discovers that she is pregnant and is in shock. She worries about becoming a mother now and hopes no one finds out. Just as Bindiya approaches Nidhi and invites her to attend the puja with her, Nidhi politely declines, mentioning that she is already aware of it, and encourages Bindiya to go on without her.

In the evening, Payal finds Krish sleeping. Thinking she will woo him, she lies beside him and tries to wake him. Seeing them in such a state, Baldev drops the Kalash pot when they cover themselves with blankets and tries to kiss him. Suddenly, Krish wakes up, and Payal gets up, too. Krish asks Payal why she came there, Baldev shouts, and Indu asks what happened. Bindiya makes puja arrangements in the in-house temple.

The drama started in the morning. Vikram says it is shameless. Indu asks what happened. Krish and Payal try to defend themselves. Baldev tells Payal she is shameless. He fears they will ruin his respect if he tells Indu what he saw. Bindiya tells Baldev she slept with Krishna yesterday night, that she is not sure when Pallu came to him, and that he was sleeping deeply.

Indu questions Baldev about his knowledge of the situation. He responds by asking why Payal felt the need to visit Krish. He expresses concern about their reputation and advises Payal to leave. Vikram, Sakshi, and Nidhi support this viewpoint. Payal agrees to leave for their happiness despite having nowhere else to go. As she starts to depart, Sakshi interrupts and offers her a bag. She instructs Payal to leave and guarantees her belongings will be sent after her. Sakshi then calls Sapna for assistance as Indu walks away in frustration. Payal laments that she has been forced out and pleads for Krish’s intervention. Observing this exchange, Sakshi thinks highly of herself for orchestrating the situation flawlessly. Meanwhile, someone hands Krish some documents, which prompts him to stop Payal from leaving.

He guides her in, keeping a firm grasp on her hand. Sapna sets Payal’s suitcase down—Bindiya objects, stating that Payal has no place here. Krish interjects, addressing Payal as Ms. Suhaagan and asserting her right to stay. Nidhi questions Krish’s actions, asking why he is causing trouble with Bindiya. Krish chuckles and points out everyone’s curiosity about Payal’s right to stay here. Bindiya demands a clear answer from him. Krish clarifies that until Bindiya leaves, Payal will remain here as a tenant. He reveals that he has already given his guest room to her and presents the lease agreement as proof. Baldev questions his decision to give away the guest room without proper authority. Indu speaks up, explaining that she had already rented the guest room to Payal.

In a flashback, Krish convinces Indu that his plan is the only way to defeat Bindiya. When the flashback ends, he confronts Bindiya and jokes that she loves to create drama, but he will give her a run for her money. However, before Bindiya can leave, Krish stops her and playfully asks if she and Payal know what makes their agreement unique. When Payal admits she doesn’t know, Krish challenges Bindiya to guess with her clever mind. After she fails to guess correctly, Krish reveals the answer – the agreement is for 11 months, but Bindiya will only be there for 6 months. He confidently declares that it won’t take him 6 months to kick her out but only 11 days. Payal realizes that Krish must have a plan in mind.

Sakshi informs Vikram that Krish has used Bindiya’s trust against her, playing tit for tat. Krish then jokes with Bindiya, asking if she is surprised or caught off guard. He then taunts her to look down, suggesting he has taken the ground from under her feet. Bindiya glances at Baldev before asserting that her trust is unbreakable, like a mountain. She acknowledges Krish’s clever move, noting how he had referred to Payal as his wife just yesterday but now legally treats her as any other tenant. Finally, she challenges him to consider if the ground beneath him has been pulled away similarly.


Payal tells Krish that if the Court finds out about Baldev’s property, he must give 50 percent to Bindiya. Krish says all property will be transferred to her name after Bindiya leaves. Bindiya snatches the papers from Payal.

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