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The Episode starts with Krish asking Baldev what he has decided, Bindiya or his son. Baldev is silent. Krish says thank you, Papa, I got your answer. When Bindiya comes over and makes the poison fall from his hand, he is about to drink it. According to her, her fight is to protect her suhaag. She explains that she will not fight if her husband is not safe. She tells him that she will leave the house on my own and asks him not to pressure Babu Ji to do so.

She accuses Payal of being more harmful than the poison in the bottle and expresses her disappointment that he sees this poison as a cure. She humbly touches Baldev’s feet, admitting her failure to keep her promise, and begs his forgiveness. He apologizes for not being able to help her claim her rights. Bindiya attempts to seek Indu’s forgiveness by touching her feet but is rejected. Payal smirked with satisfaction while Krish told Bindiya that he could no longer tolerate her. Bindiya exits, resting her forehead on the doorstep before standing up and clasping her hands together in a gesture of submission. Krish shuts the door in her face as she stands outside.

Baldev sits on the sofa in shock. He cries and says my daughter has left. She tried to make my son mend his ways for the better, and she made this house her home, but she could not find a place here. He cries. There is an old lady outside the Shukla house crying. It is late at night. She moves her eyes from one point to another. She is looking at Bindiya. The old lady comes and holds Bindiya when she gets up to leave.

Krish approaches Payal, who he gives the medicine. As Bindiya turns around, she spots the elderly lady gripping her with her teeth. Her reaction is immediate as she lets out a shocked yell. Krish and Payal are both alert to her cries for help. Assuring Bindiya that he will handle the situation, Krish rushes towards the old lady. In response to Bindiya’s continuous screams, Indu, Sakshi, and Vikram arrive at the scene in the hall. Acknowledging their arrival, Sakshi remarks on hearing Bindiya’s calls for help. The guard intervenes and asks Bindiya about the unknown lady’s identity. Startled, Bindiya states that she has no idea and pleads with the old woman to release her as she desperately wants to leave this place. Baldev, Indu, and others also exit the house upon hearing the commotion and are taken aback by what they see.

The guard is about to hit Indu with a stick when Baldev shouts for him not to. He warns him and asks him not to use his stick. The guard says but this woman. Baldev says she’s my mother. Everyone is stunned. Krish tells Payal to go inside. Payal asks how to get inside, and a big storm has rolled in. Indu calls Krish and Payal inside.

Baldev calls the lady Amma and says he is Ballu. The old lady leaves Bindiya’s saree. She recalls him saying don’t keep him away from his mother, and he wouldn’t do any mischief. She says Ballu and walks towards him. As she falls, Bindiya holds her. She asks her Dadi Amma if she wants water. She asks her bahu to free her hands. Baldev says don’t free her hands. She becomes angry. Bindiya makes her drink water and tells her to calm down.

It never occurred to him that Amma was alive. Sakshi says I thought that she must be modern like us. Indu asks them to stay away from her. Baldev asks Amma to let go of the bottle. Bindiya asks if she wants more water. She signs yes. Baldev tells Bindiya he will come after making a call. He asks the guard to close the gate. A guard closes the gate, and another guard brings Amma water.

Baldev says he will be right back. Bindiya makes Amma drink more water. He talked to the doctor and said my Amma had reached Barabandi from Agra, but you did not inform me that she was missing from there. The doctor says we have been searching for her. Baldev says he hasn’t known how long she has been walking to come here. She has sores on her feet, and her face is pale.

Baldev says he will send the teams to pick her up in the morning. Baldev asks her to give her an injection if she becomes hyperactive. Baldev turns to see Indu standing. Bindiya sees sores and injuries on her feet and asks the Guard to bring ointment. Amma throws water at Bindiya and runs away from her. Bindiya watches.


The mad woman gets angry seeing Payal and tries to attack her. Krishna scolds Bindiya and says how dare you.

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