Barsatein 5th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Aradhana’s Hidden Agenda and Reyansh’s Threat


Barsatein 5th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kadambari speaking to Vivek on the phone. She says she’ll take care of Reyansh. Vikram gets the good news. He says it’s good news. He hugs Pooja. He says Aradhana has said yes to marrying Reyansh. He says Aradhana agreed suddenly. I’m surprised. Kadambari thinks. Vikram says we’ll plan their destination wedding. Kadambari says okay, but first, I need to talk to Reyansh. She leaves.

Aradhana says yes to Pooja. She talks to him. Vikram answers Aradhana’s call. He asks what, are you serious, how can you say that, I’ll tell Reyansh about it. Kadambari says Reyansh is there in my life, don’t contact me again. Aradhana disconnected the call, why are you afraid, says Vikram.

The girls talk. Pooja says nothing. Kadambari asks them to start celebrating. Nita watches the news. Akash and Nita argue. Jagruti taunts Varun, asking him to stay at the railway station. Nita stops Varun. She asks Jagruti if she got sweets. Jagruti says yes, chocolate pedas. She tells them that Reyansh and Aradhana will be getting married. They are shocked.

She says she’s happy for Aradhana, and I will have more sweets. Jagruti asks her to leave the house before Aradhana’s wedding. Nita leaves. Nita says it’s good news. In the call, she says Reyansh has been found after the drug scam. She worries. Pooja asks you why you are marrying Reyansh. Aradhana says I want revenge on him. There is a big mystery, he isn’t acting right, he’s very sharp, and I don’t know how I will see the truth,

There is no other way I can find out what he is doing unless I win his confidence and faith. Pooja says think once. Do you want to do this? He loves you, but you doubt him, and you also doubt him. Aradhana says I loved him, but I cannot love such a person. I must know his truth. Kadambari and Reyansh eat sweets.

Her words make Vivek and I happy for you. He says I hated you, I didn’t understand your love, I understood it when I fell in love, I feel dumb, I’m like you, Aradhana finally said yes to me, I was waiting for that day. In a huddle, she says, “I’m so happy for you, I have no complaints about you, you have truly loved Aradhana.” He says, “I’m thrilled.” She hugs him.

He gets a threatening call. He says he’s not scared of anyone. She asks who he is. He says someone has threatened me not to do this story. She tells him not to ruin your happiness. Vikram, Pooja, and Jagruti discuss the tale of Reyansh and Aradhana. He says you are behaving coldly about their marriage. Why? There is no fun. I feel you both are up to something. Let me know what happened.


Pooja checks Reyansh’s imp file. Nita says I will make Aradhana cry now. The ladies get angry at Aradhana for asking for a hefty alimony.

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