Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th January 2024 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai -

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 19th January 2024 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Dadi saying you look happy, Ruhi, after eating jam like kids, I want to talk to you, Madhav and Vidya’s anniversary is coming, so I want to hold a havan and throw a big party. It’s the best idea, Ruhi says. Dadi says you’re handling the party arrangements; you can ask someone for help, Armaan, and Dadi says you’ve got Armaan. I will give Armaan to you, and organize a good party.

Armaan says no, not just good, but the best party. Dadi blesses him and thanks him. He thanks Dadi and hugs her. Ruhi asks about the anniversary years. Dadi says it doesn’t matter, and they never celebrated it. Armaan wipes his tears. Ruhi asks if you’re ready, partner. Armaan says we’ll set the theme, and it’s like Diwali for us. She says it’s a surprise party, so talk slowly. He says sorry, don’t let me go overboard. She says I won’t let you go. He says thanks.

Abhira sits to study. She recalls Dadi’s words. Armaan comes and asks her to eat the food first, then study. She tells him she doesn’t have time, the day is incredible, and tomorrow will be no different. What happened today, at school, work, or home? Something happened at home, he says.

As he gives her the headache relief balm, he jokes. He sits and says I know you want to tell me everything, so say it, and you can sleep well. Abhira complains to him. He says that’s wrong he’ll talk to Vidya. How will you make breakfast every morning? He asks if you have food. She says no, I was busy. He feeds her the food. The song Yeh tumhari meri baatein…plays.

He calls Abhir and says Abhir… Abhir says, buddy… Manish cries happily. Armaan and Abhira get ready in front of the mirror. He jokes about her height. They argue. She draws a line on the mirror and says this is the solution; that’s my side and yours. She applies the sindoor and smiles. Armaan looks at her. Seeing the themes in Ruhi’s message, he smiles.

As soon as she sees Armaan busy, she leaves. She says she will make some Rajasthani food. Madhav says my batch broke, and my seniors are coming today. Abhira says I will help you sing a song… Ek do teen…. He sings. She gets a safety pin and tells me how to use it. She says you’re getting late, and I’m talking too much.

Madhav admires the badge and comments on Vidya’s resourcefulness. She admits to being lazy in her youth and relying on shortcuts, a habit formed out of sheer laziness. Despite this, she possesses many admirable qualities. As she prepares to leave, Madhav has something to share. Though she has done her best, he reveals their upcoming anniversary and his lack of ideas for celebration. With enthusiasm, she exclaims that she has a solution. Instead of being caught up with family responsibilities, they should take advantage of this time to go on a date and rekindle their marriage.

During the party discussion, Armaan and Ruhi asked Madhav about the date. No, tell me another idea. Abhira says you have to go with your wife. He asks if the family knows. She says it’s your anniversary. Armaan says yes. Abhira tells Madhav you both will ride a bike, the wind will blow, you’ll smile and see your mother in the rearview mirror. Madhav agrees.

Ruhi tells the cuisine. Armaan says perfect. She asks whether we should get Mum and Dad to marry again. Armaan says oh my gosh, brilliant. Madhav laughs and leaves after Abhira says you both will reach the picnic spot, I will make arrangements, you will spend a romantic evening, aw, keep the phones off, don’t tell anyone, this is a secret.

Getting excited is our secret now, Armaan says. Suwarna says Manish has been calling someone since morning. Manish runs in and says he just talked to Abhir, he’s coming home. Surekha inquires about what we should tell Ruhi. He says we will make the kids suffer because of elders’ fight, Ruhi and Abhir were so close, he will become her support, my children will get happiness, my buddy is coming home.

I was thinking… What happened, she says. Armaan says I’m uncomfortable not telling this party secret, and I’m unsure how she’ll react. They see Abhira. Abhira asks what you were talking about me. Ruhi says no, we can’t tell. Abhira scolds them and leaves. Armaan asks her to listen. Armaan says we weren’t talking about you. Abhira jokes. They argue. She shuts her mouth and shouts. Armaan stops her.

He pulls the bag zip closure. She says you have a connection with Ruhi besides the resort and Rohit. Armaan recalls Ruhi. Abhira says she doesn’t care because she is a guest here and will leave. She leaves. He says I wish it were simple to say, I wouldn’t know, and you can’t understand. Abhira asks what. Dadi says you need to get pest control done today, so you come to my room. Abhira says yes, but listen to me. Dadi leaves, and Abhira gets sad.

If you call the pest control, I’ll handle it for you. Abhira asks why. Ruhi says go now, I’ll handle it, don’t worry. Abhira thanked her. Ruhi gives her the tiffin. She thinks I’ll need an empty tiffin when you return. Abhira comes into the office, but Charu hides from her. He tells her to work on the assignment. The one with the best assignment will work with the boss.

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