Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Abhira Faces Yuvraj’s Threats

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 19th February 2024 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Dadi inquiring about Abhira’s whereabouts. She instructs Krish to call her, but he informs her that she is not answering. Dadi expresses her impatience and urges Vidya to join the puja. Yuvraj apologizes for potential harm while Abhira grabs a wooden stick and playfully taunts him. Meanwhile, Armaan attempts to contact Abhira but is met with either Dadi scolding her or her angrily ignoring his calls. Ruhi interjects and scolds Armaan for his behavior towards Abhira. He becomes determined to reach her as soon as possible. Ruhi then reveals that she is relieved they are stuck together as it allows them to have an honest conversation. Armaan asks what she wants to discuss, and she responds that she cannot stand seeing him with Abhira.

Yuvraj says Baby, Abhira, you and I are made for each other, Armaan comes between. Abhira beats him, and he says I’m hurting. I love you, he says. In her scolding, she says that you killed my mother and went to a party, and now you will see what my feelings are like. I have been angry and hateful for months. You will see my madness now. My arrival that day was interrupted by Armaan, he says.

Ruhi says I know Abhira is your responsibility, your duty, who am I, what should I do. She argues. Yuvraj says Armaan isn’t your husband, and I’ll kill him. Abhira beats him. She says she wants you to live according to your rules, and I am hurt by seeing you this way. Armaan stops her. Hamari adhuri kahani…plays… As he recalls those moments, he cries.

Ruhi mentions your silence speaks volumes while Arya calls for them. Yuvraj declares his imminent attack, and Abhira taunts him to return if he has courage. He challenges her to come to him, but she urges him to stay put. As Armaan and Ruhi arrive, Vidya remarks that the lights appeared with their arrival. Dadi explains they completed the ritual and are now ready to celebrate. Armaan inquires about Abhira’s whereabouts, and Dadi reveals that she took charge of the puja but vanished suddenly. Alarmed, Vidya shares her concern while Manisha adds that the masked intruder attacked her, too. Krish informs that she is not responding, causing Manoj to plan on questioning the guard about her well-being. However, Aryan reassures them that Abhira is strong and will be fine.

The dadi says she left angrily; I scolded her, saying I would not bow down this time. Manish says I can’t believe she left puja and went. She asks everyone to dance. She asks Charu where he was and says he went to a friend’s engagement. Everyone dances on Tukur Tukur… Krish sees Sanjay and turns away… Abhira says stop. Yuvraj says you’ll come… He runs away. Armaan sees Ruhi. He calls Abhira, and Abhira arrives. Abhira is seen by them all.

“Armaan inquired about the situation and expressed concern as he noticed her tense demeanor. She tearfully embraces him. Assuring her that everyone is present, he encourages her to share what happened. She recalls Yuvraj’s involvement. Dadi receives a call and informs Armaan that his father, Madhav, is in trouble. While trying to catch a criminal, Madhav had to defend himself by shooting the perpetrator, resulting in the criminal’s death. Now, his family is accusing him of staging a fake encounter, and he could lose his job because of it. Knowing how much Madhav values his job over his own family, Armaan must fight for his case.”

I will go, Armaan says to Vidya. He tells her not to worry. Vidya cries and hugs him. It’s okay if you need my help, Abhira, but don’t ruin Armaan’s focus. He shouldn’t lose the case if he stays focused. Abhira nods in agreement.


Yuvraj kidnaps Vidya. Abhira saves Vidya. Armaan says I can’t lose Vidya. Abhira says Yuvraj, I have decided. I’m ready to do it.

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