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Anupama written update

Anupama 9th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

In Baa’s words, Anuj has prospered greatly, and this event is enormous. In Kinjal’s words, this is an event primarily about jewelry. Baa says it is so cold here. Kinjal gives her pocket warmers and says they will keep her warm. Kinjal asks them if they want coffee or something. When Vanraj says he thought Kinjal had changed, he apologizes to her, but Kinjal says he shouldn’t.

Vanraj says you’ve suffered a lot and struggled here, and we didn’t know. Kinjal says it’s okay, but we didn’t want to tell you either. She says Toshu loves you so much. He didn’t talk to you because of his problems, but I’m sure after today, he’s changed. She believes it is an excellent opportunity for Toshu to work with Anuj, as his company is quite large.

A model approaches AK and invites us to grab a drink after the event. Anuj responds thoughtfully, reminding them of their job and urges them to stay focused. He then turns to Toshu, asking if there were any issues. Toshu informs him that there was an issue with heels, but it has been resolved. As he tries to say something else, Anuj leaves the scene. Meanwhile, Yashdeep, KD, Rahul, and Anupama are busy setting up the stall. Anupama mentioned that they were waiting for customers. The first customer is Beeji, whom Anupama greets with a warm hug. Beeji asks if she’s feeling nervous and reminds her that a mother can sense when something is bothering her child. She reassures Anupama not to worry and places an order. Just then, Baa arrives and also places an order. Anupama offers to take both her mother’s orders at once. Beeji inquires about Leela, and Baa admits she has never heard about her. They both ask Anupama who holds a special place in her heart, to which she sweetly states that both her mothers are equally special to her

His assistant instructs the models on how to exhibit jewelry, and then he turns and slips. He sees Baa there and greets her. She says she came to meet her grandson, daughter-in-law, etc. She says you’ve become more handsome, and he says you’ve become more cute. Baa asks about Aadhya and Shruti and says Shruti is a nice girl. As she is about to speak about Vanraj, Anuj gets a phone call from the desk and leaves.

Titu says Adhik is sad and sleeps in his hotel room. Dimpy thinks she will end the call, but Titu asks her to drink tea. She finds him there, and he says he came to see her. He says he felt sad seeing Adhik’s pain because Pakhi was trying to put him in jail. The jewelry exhibition begins when Anuj calls Adhya, but she does not answer. He says those who receive love are lucky, and those who refuse to accept love are unlucky.

As the show’s anchor, Anuj announces the availability of delicious Indian food and his favorite, the spice and chutney stall. The models then take to the runway to showcase stunning jewelry. Amid it all, Vanraj suddenly stands up from his seat. Anuj turns to Toshu and asks why he didn’t mention Mr. Zaveri’s attendance. Toshu explains that he presumed he was stuck in traffic. Anuj informs everyone that Mr. Zaveri’s jewelry will now be featured in second place instead. Toshu apologizes for the miscommunication. Anuj insists on seeing the results and notices Vanraj standing nearby. Meanwhile, Anupama is occupied serving customers at her stall when a group of goons approach her. Baa, Beeji, and Kinjal are captivated by the models on stage and are amazed by the sparkling diamonds on display.

Anuj mentions that he met Baa but was unaware Vanraj would be there too. Vanraj accuses Anuj of giving Toshu a job to settle scores with Anupama. Anuj clarified that he employed Toshu because he needed work. Vanraj then asks if Anuj still loves Anupama. Anuj responds that whatever happens between him and Anupama is their business, not Vanraj’s concern. Vanraj warns him about Shruti and claims he spent 26 years with Anupama, while Anuj hasn’t even spent 36 months with her. He also mentions that he heard Choti dislikes Anupama. Anuj explains that Toshu and Pakhi influence Choti, but he hopes things will improve, asserting that he will support Anupama for life.

Meanwhile, Toshu exits the locker room and spots the goons, unsure what to do next. Anupama is serving food to Baa and Beeji when a reporter arrives and instructs the cameraman to highlight the poor eating habits of brown people. Anupama looks on, concerned.

The precap:

Anupama finds Toshu standing in her stall. He says he hasn’t eaten since morning because of work. Anupama feeds him food. Then, Anupama announces that a precious diamond has been stolen. Toshu glances at Anupama’s purse.

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