Anupama 31st January written update

Anupama written update

Anupama explains to Maaya that usually they should not gamble with a child, yet they are willing to do so. She then inquires whether Maaya will be okay if Little Anu decides to remain with them instead of going with her. The two hurriedly make their way to the home temple and Maaya swears an oath on Kanhaji and Little Anu that she will leave forever if she is unable to win the latter’s heart within 15 days. Anupama also takes a vow on the same object, promising to withdraw should Maaya gain success. An akhand jyot is lit and fifteen beetle nut pieces are set aside for fifteen days. Maaya is adamant that she will surely earn Little Anu’s affection while Anupama desires that he stays with Yashoda maiya and Nand baba.

Maaya informs Anu that Little Anu’s birthday is in two days, a fact only known to Maaya. Anupama expresses her delight at being able to celebrate her daughter’s birthday for the first time, and offers sugar to Maaya as an expression of goodwill. She then proceeds to tend to Anuj’s finger injury and when he asks why she did this, she responds because Maaya is Little Anu’s mother. He counters by saying that Maaya abandoned their adopted daughter, but Anupama insists there was no other option for her until she became desperate. When Anuj questions whether the truth gave them any right over Little Anu, he replies that they were not wrong and has no faith in Maaya’s motives.

Anupama informs Anuj about her 15-day challenge to Maaya, sending him into a panic attack. He believes it is wrong that mothers make decisions without considering fathers and begs for his daughter to stay. Anupama reassures him that in two days there will be a grand celebration for Little Anu’s birthday with all three of them present. She suggests the coming fifteen days will bring them hope, but he does not agree – though Maaya has faith that everything will eventually be alright.

Early the next morning, Little Anu performs pooja with Maaya and apologizes for lashing out at her the day before. Maaya reassures her that she can always ask her anything since she is staying with her, which fills Little Anu with joy as if she had two mothers like Kanhaji. Anupama then announces that tomorrow is Little Anu’s birthday and they will celebrate it grandly. As soon as this news reaches her ears, Little Anu rushes to hug Anupama, leaving Maaya feeling dejected. She then asks them to make a cake for the occasion and Anuj lifts her up in glee, whilst she hugs both of them. Excited about her birthday, she runs off to tell everyone else while Maaya looks on sorrowfully.

Toshu and his assistant are busy packing food packets, with Toshu excitedly proclaiming that he will take his business to new heights. Hasmukh cautions him to not just think of the positives; Vanraj warns him, but Toshu continues with his joking attitude. Vanraj notices Kavya leaving and inquires about her destination, to which she replies that she is going for London visa formalities. He scolds her for not taking Mohit along as promised earlier; Kavya informs that she is traveling with a team. Changing the topic, Anupama asks Maaya if she knows the shlokas chanted by her during prayers and Maaya answers that they were taught by her father. She enquires further if they can plan Little Anu’s birthday celebration together as she would like to get to know the child better since she is her mother, too. Anuj steps in but is stopped by Anupama just the same time. His interruption makes no difference as Maaya continues what she was saying.

Maaya recently met Little Anu at the farm house but, she doesn’t know much about her. Anuj was curious as to what inspired Maaya to visit her daughter in such a secretive manner. Her response was that sometimes our hearts can make irrational decisions which we have to explain later. But Anupama urged them both to stop bickering and start celebrating instead; asking Maaya for her plans for the birthday, she replied that she has none. To this, Anuj responded by accusing Maaya of having abandoned their daughter and taking all the decisions herself, thus forgetting him as a father. Despite her trying to reason with him, he cut her off and said whatever they had done or could do, now it’s his turn to take over and do what he can.

The precap begins with Anuj asking Barkha and Ankush to check Maaya’s background. Ankush gives him some shocking information. Anuj says he will tackle Maaya once Little Anu’s birthday is over. Maaya and Anupama prepare Little Anu’s cake.

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