Anupama Written Episode 30th Jan, 2023



Anuj questions Anupama as to why she had promised Little Anu that Maaya could stay in their house, despite his distaste for her. He wants to know how she could make this decision without consulting him first. Anupama explains that she only saw two options: sending her mother away from her daughter, or having the daughter leave hers; she couldn’t stand the thought of the latter and so went ahead with the former. Anuj insists that Little Anu won’t be going anywhere. To this, Anupama asks what he will do if a court order is issued or if her daughter gets ill from being around Maaya too much – does he think she doesn’t love her? She argues that they can’t simply decide what’s best for themselves at the cost of Little Anu’s well-being. Anuj then worries that Maaya might even try to kidnap their daughter and run off. However, Anupama asserts that she doesn’t want something like that to occur and reminds him that a mother can go to any lengths for her child; after all, maybe he should trust this one too. He finishes by questioning if Maaya is trying to pawn off Little Anu’s responsibilities onto them instead.

Anupama insists that she would rather die than admit defeat. She hysterically cries, pointing out that a mother endures any hostility endured by her child, even from her own husband. Anuj protests he wasn’t taunting her, yet Anupama still cries, determined to ensure both Little Anu and Maaya are contented. A reminisce of the good times spent with his daughter fill Anuj’s mind as he strolls through the park, accompanied by the backdrop music ‘Kitni Baatein Yaad Aati Hain..’ As Anupama seizes his embrace, she advises him to be ready to face the upcoming battle. Her daughter begs her not to let Little Anu go away from her father and so she responds they will take whatever measure is necessary for Little Anu’s satisfaction, even if it involves conceding to letting her choose which family she wishes to remain within. The conversation moves onto Yashoda Maiya and Devaki Maa who did not similarly encounter such an issue; however, Anuj reiterates that Little Anu is his daughter and he desires for her wellbeing no matter what. In conclusion, Anupama suggests leaving the result up to god and trusting in his judgment.

Anupama called Maaya and enquired about their daughter. She requested Maaya to come and stay at the Kapadia house. However, when Barkha got wind of this, she was taken aback. She found Anupama’s decision incomprehensible because she had no clue who Maaya really was. What’s more, she felt that Maaya could take advantage of Kavya and send her abroad as a model. However, Ankush disagreed and assured her that not all women were bad. He further suggested that Anuj should be supported to ensure that he supports them when Ankush brings his son home in the future. Barkha put forth her opinion stating that she would go ahead with whatever she wanted to do and would not let him divorce even though he might have such thoughts.

Little Anu is determined to meet Maaya, even though Anuj is wary of her intentions. Anupama suggests they watch how things unfold as she enters with her bag. Suddenly, a photo frame is knocked over and smashed. Anuj picks it up only to get hurt in the process. Anupama expresses that they all have to stay under the same roof for the sake of their daughter’s happiness. Maaya inquires about solving this mystery and the former requests she not take advantage of their kindness. She promises not to infringe on their trust in her and make effort to gain back Little Anu’s rights in an appropriate manner. Anupama adds that she expects fairness from Maaya which does not include interfering between them and Little Anu. With that, Anuj steps away from there leaving Anupama to divulge that they don’t have much knowledge about her past but would like to hear it if she wants or else make sure their daughter feels comfortable around all three of them.

Maaya is delighted that her daughter has such wonderful foster parents. Still, it’s hard for her to part with Little Anu without anything in return. Anupama gave Maaya 15 days to win her daughter’s love without underhanded tactics; if Little Anu still decides not to go with her mother, Maaya must quietly leave and can visit whenever she wants but cannot make a claim on the child again. Maaya disagrees, claiming this was not the deal. Anupama insists she wanted a fair battle and for Little Anu to be able to choose who she wishes to stay with.

Anupama also takes an oath to handover Little Anu to Maaya if Maaya succeeds in winning Little Anu’s heart within 15 days.

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