Pandya Store 8th February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store

Shiva gets confused when he talks to a guest and asks why he is asking this. Dev says nowhere, you were here. Shiva asks what is special today, Mum’s birthday. It’s Krish’s engagement, Dev says. Shiva asks when it happened. Dev wonders how Raavi spent 7 years with him. Shiva says Raavi told me. Dev goes after him. Gautam enters.

Rishita says I think he changed his mind, he swapped Chiku for Chutki. Dhara gets upset seeing this. She waits for Krish. Shweta is on her way. Dhara says we can’t change the past. Rishita says maybe Krish changed his mind. Dhara asks how. Rishita says we also changed our minds, we won’t go anywhere, we’ll go after we sell this house. Suman is fine.

She shuts her ears. Rishita says I’ll talk right now. Dhara calls the hotel reception desk and asks for Krish Pandya. The man says Krish had checked out and left an hour ago. Rishita says I told you he would run away, what will we tell everyone? Dev says let’s calm down and think about it.

She says we’ll let them know we’re here to talk about the Pandya house sale, not Krish’s engagement. Everyone is shocked. Dev asks what nonsense. She says I’ll make the announcement. Shiva stops her. He says I won’t let this house get sold, everyone lives happily, why will we sell it, I didn’t know there is a party in the house, why did I hold your hand, I’m sorry.

You are not in your senses, Rishita says. Raavi says he is my husband. Rishita asks her to support her, otherwise, Mittu will grow old paying the debts. Krish, Prerna and her parents arrive. Dev says she doesn’t listen to anyone.

It is Krish and Prerna’s engagement, but Kanta says look, they’ve arrived. Everyone smiles. Dhara says to clap for them. Everyone claps. It is not necessary to make any announcement, it is a day of joy, so I pray that the engagement goes smoothly. Then Rishita tells Dhara to take Shiva with her. Suman welcomes Prerna’s parents. Shweta asks Natasha to come.

Dhara says Shiva, you need to stop Rishita from going to the microphone, she challenged me to do drama as she doesn’t like Prerna’s rich family. Shiva says don’t worry, I’ll break the microphone.

Then Dhara goes. Prerna’s mother asks if everyone is happy with the engagement. Prerna says yes. Dhara hugs her tightly. Shiva hugs Rishita. She greets Prerna’s parents. Suman taunts Krish for calling his inlaws. Dhara asks them to sit. Shiva asks what Dhara told me. He forgets. Krish and Prerna sit for the engagement.

Shweta says we have to go somewhere and fight a battle. Natasha says it’s bad manners. Shweta says wear this dress. She won’t look good, then we’ll do our work. Natasha goes. Shweta asks, what will I tell them after 7 years? Prerna’s mom says Suman looks strict, how did their family break up? Prerna’s dad says Dhara looks simple. Dhara hears them planning to take Krish and Prerna with them. Shweta rehearses her dialogues.


She says I am back to settle scores. Krish and Prerna get engaged. Chutki faints. Chiku and Shesh see her.

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