Meet 8th February Written Update


Under the ghunghat, Manmeet sees Shagun and is shocked. He removes the chappal garland, frees Shagun and makes her sit. Shagun says she tried to tell you, but no one listened. When Manmeet was fixing the car, SP Bhatti and Meet made me sit at her place while I was in the parlour. Meeting says to Manmeet, this means the car wasn’t broken you just wanted to take time. Manmeet says calm down, I was supportive when you were playing games, but now that it’s my turn, you are acting out.

We were tricked by you, Jashoda says. Meet tells her that it is unfair when he did tricks, but it is wrong when I do them. In the Manmeet days, what did you do? You couldn’t stop me from marrying me, and Meet Ahlawat is dead, as are yours and his relationships because you are now Manmeet’s wife for a day. Meet starts to laugh and says come out of your dreams, no one believes that wedding, neither the law nor me, I am very strong and have fought my way out of your traps and still am Meet Hooda Ahlawat…

Meet gives Manmeet mangal sutra, dupatta and sindoor. Manmeet drops them. Meet says all this fraud is to frame them and tell your kids you were lost by a girl later. Mahendra tries to scare her, but Meet asks the photographer if he has recorded everything because he has to show the whole village that women are capable of fighting when they have things in their hands and that is very bad.

She asks him to back off and says SP is outside, and if I don’t leave in 20 minutes, he will arrest everyone. Mahendra tells Meet to call the police. Sarkar asks Mahendra to step back and let her go. She sits on her bike and leaves. Jasodha says to everyone, Meet again has defeated us. Manmeet tells her not to worry, she’ll come back again in a few minutes. Outside Ahlawat mansion, Meet parks her bike and says to herself, if Manmeet had cheated only me, I would have forgiven him, but he cheated Babita, how am I going to explain this to her?

Raj and Babita with Inspector Bhati. Bhati says when I was about to stop the marriage they pointed a gun at me and took me with them. Babita remembers scolding Meet about getting married and she breaks down. As Babita tears, she says to Raj, “I forced Meet to marry Manmeet, she won’t forgive me, I ruined her life.” Meet rushes to Babita. Babita joins her hand in front of Meet. Meet hugs her tightly. Babita pleads for punishment from Meet. Meet says it’s not your fault. Babita slaps herself and pleads for forgiveness.

Meet tells Babita you are my mother-in-law, but still, you considered my future and took the decision to remarry me. All daughters-in-law would be proud to have a mother-in-law like you. My relationship with Manmeet began deceitfully, so I couldn’t stay with him. I’m truly connected to all of you – nothing has altered between us. We will endeavour together to realize Meet Ahlawat’s dream and get that factory completed within two months as confirmation of our strength to Sarkar and Manmeet. In a display of humility, Raj admits he made an enormous fault and presents her with the documents of the Partnership.

Manmeet, Jasodha and Sarkar together. Sarkar holds a document in his hand. Manmeet says this is a partnership deed, which means I’m a 50% partner in the factory. Sarkar says that means we can still win. Manmeet says to Sarkar that she can go to any lengths to fulfil her husband’s dream and that these papers will bring her back.

Raj says I considered Meet’s lie as truth and made him a 50% partner in our factory. Meet is shocked. Bhati says this means we cannot build this factory until he agrees. Manmeet says to Sarkar, “Meet doesn’t know that she cannot construct a factory without my permission.” Jasodha praises Manmeet. I will fulfil Meet Ahlawat’s dream and live it too. Raj says we won’t build the factory now because we know Sarkar and his family are dangerous. Meet went with a lot of attitude and confidence, but now she has two options: either forget her husband’s dream and leave this place forever.

A factory was the dream of Meet Ahlawat, a factory that encouraged women’s empowerment and could be built on any land and fulfil his dream. Raj says to Meet, enough now, they will cross any limits to take revenge. I won’t step back, I won’t break Meet Ahlawat’s promise to Chanda that the factory would be constructed in her village. Raj loses his calm and yells, “Why don’t you understand?”.

If Meet falls in my mother’s feet, she will lose both ways, Manmeet says.

As Raj tells Meet, I won’t listen to anything, we’ll look for another place and start over. I can’t risk your life anymore, you have to do this for the love of your father.

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