Meet 2nd January 2023 Written Update


Terrorists looking to Meet and ask everyone where is the girl. Ragini says she must be here. The terrorist points a gun at the lady, she says she went to the store room. When Ahlawat sees that a call is coming from a landline number, he looks at his phone and replies. When she hears that a terrorist is entering the storeroom, she gets up and moves away from the landline and stands far away from it.

A terrorist says what are you doing here when everyone is waiting for you there. A meeting asks if you know what arrangements it takes for marriage. The chief asks Number 3 if she is playing games with you because earlier she tricked us too. Meet replies, “I said yes to marriage, but you don’t believe me.”.

According to the chief, you tried to trick us twice in the last two hours, so how can we believe you, you are married, so aren’t you concerned about him? Meet thinks I have to lie to save many lives. Meet says what husband I already wanted to leave him, and after saying yes I am feeling very good, and after seeing the gun I say, “You have power, and I only want power.”.

Meet shouts at the chief and says wait. The chief says the girl is smart and brave. He appreciates number 3 and says she is yours. Ahlawat is looking for a secret passage to enter the hospital.

As Meet says, I am brave, but this doesn’t mean I have no principles. Only after marriage will you be able to do anything and marriage will be done with all arrangements and pooja, so tell him something, don’t act cheap. A terrorist calms them down and asks everyone to have something sweet.

He hides from the police, a constable asks him what he is doing there. Meet Ahlawat gets scared. Until now, I haven’t sat beside a girl. When the police ask Meet Ahlawat what he is doing and what’s in his bag, Meet Ahlawat says he is just a delivery boy who came to deliver medicine. He asks him the show what he has inside his bag. Meet Ahlawat thinks he forgot to keep medicine, now he will get caught.

She mocks him and praises him a lot. He says enough, you’re right. All the girls might judge you on your face.

A drunk man throws a bottle in front of Meet Ahlawat. A policeman gets diverted and Meet Ahlawat escapes. Meet opens the manhole. When Ragini looks at Meet, he signals her to walk away. Ragini walks away. Meet says to the terrorist I need to go to the bathroom. He says okay and calls her female partner who says she will go with her.

Ahlawat meets Meet inside the manhole, trying to navigate towards the hospital. Ahlawat remembers Meet’s complaining about a bad smell coming from a manhole, so he gathers his strength and moves forward. Meeting inside the washroom. Ragini waiting inside. Meet says it’s difficult to trick them, but I have another plan we need to faint them. Here is the medicine. Ragini asks where it came from.

Meet says I’m feeling bad I’m about to get married but there is nothing sweet I can have, at least a ladoo will do. Terrorists open the door. Ragini hide. A terrorist walks to Meet and asks what’s going on. Meet says I am trying to be happy but there is nothing sweet I can have, at least a ladoo will do.

Number 3 walks in and says no sweet, and asks her to check in the canteen. Meet says if it wasn’t in the canteen, I would have made ladoo, especially for you. In case you didn’t get ladoo then bring all the ingredients and ask a few ladies to do it. She says I’ll do it for you and everyone leaves the bathroom.

Ahlawat struggles to walk inside a manhole. In a separate room, Ragini and four more ladies are making ladoo. Ragini is mixing medicine into the ladoo. One of the ladies notices her and points her out. Ahlawat sees a snake and gets scared.


Number 1 slaps her. Chief says I’ll torture and kill you. Meet Ahlawat says wait I can shoot her. Chief says okay and asks him to shoot. Meet Ahlawat shoots at Meet’s stomach.

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