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To prove herself and find a suitable match for Vani, Sumeet feels the need to do so. Raj arrives, but Sumeet insists that she will win this fight on her own. Dadi brings milk for Sumeet, and Raj expresses his concern for Vani. He believes in finding a relationship based on emotional connection. Raj assures Sumeet he will find a solution and leaves with Dadi. Sumeet decides to investigate Vani’s feelings.

Vani advises Sumeet not to take Masoom’s challenge too seriously. Despite mentioning her desire to transfer her job, Abhay is opposed to it. While searching through Vani’s cupboard for clues, Sumeet notices an abundance of purple items, despite knowing that Vani previously disliked the colour. When questioned about it, Vani hesitates to answer before receiving a video call from Abhay. During the call, he suggested using purple as the background colour for slides, leading Vani to reveal that she knows purple is his favourite colour. Playfully teasing her, Sumeet encourages Vani to confess her feelings for Abhay and they happily dance together. However, Vani believes she isn’t good enough for Abhay and wants to remain friends, asking Sumeet not to share this information with anyone else.

When Sumeet visits Abhay’s office, the receptionist asks if she has an appointment. To sneak in, Sumeet hides behind a clothes trolley. As soon as she hears her favourite singer, Wonder Boy, she becomes excited. As Sumeet follows the voice, she gets tangled in lights and almost falls, but her admirer saves her. She stumbles and lands on him, inquiring if he’s acquainted with Abhay and if he could assist her in arranging a meeting. He brings up Abhay’s presentation.

Sumeet finds it difficult to explain her situation, having never experienced love before. She admits to Sumeet that he has been in love with her since college, but was too scared to tell her. In return for his help, she promises to pray for him to find his love. She then shares with him the story of Vani and Abhay. To make a point, Sumeet pretends that Vani has been injured and knocks on Abhay’s office door. Concerned, Abhay rushes to help. Sumeet introduces herself as Vani’s sister and urges Abhay not to let his chance at love with Vani slip away. Unbeknownst to them, Vani overhears their conversation and learns about Sumeet’s confession to Abhay.

As Shagun arrives at the office, she accidentally bumps into Sumeet. Unaware of the collision, she enters Abhay’s office only to overhear a conversation about Sumeet. Meanwhile, Sumeet is trying to convince Vani that Abhay loves her, but Vani blames her for ruining their friendship. Masoom scolds Sumeet for her actions and gives her the challenge to make Abhay accept Vani’s relationship within 24 hours, threatening to disown her as Meet’s daughter if she fails. Amid this tension, Masoom takes Meet’s watch from Sumeet, causing Raj to become upset. However, Sumeet manages to calm him down. As all this unfolds, Shagun smirks knowing about Sumeet’s predicament and feels like she belongs in her world.

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