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Suhaagan 29th June 2023, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Phoolmati introducing Rose as Bindiya to Baldev and Ishwar. Grateful for her help, Baldev thanks Rose while she brushes it off casually. However, Baldev expresses his doubts about Rose truly being Bindiya to Ishwar, who reassures him by mentioning that she knows about him. Phoolmati then shares how her daughter went above and beyond to save Baldev’s life by mortgaging their farm for 60K. After learning this information, Ishwar suggests they confirm it with the hospital. As they discuss the loan amount, Bindiya arrives and calls out to Ishwar as “Babu ji”. This catches Baldev’s attention and he eagerly asks if she is indeed Bindiya. Confirming his suspicions, Bindiya happily confirms this.

Krish asks Payal for her house address and says they’ll be alone in your house. Payal tells him the wrong address for Kanpur.

Phoolmati tells Bindiya they’ve come from a long distance and that’s why she’s brought a rose for her, as they are both kind and helpful. Ishwar agrees, saying it’s evident. Baldev assures Bindiya he will return her money, to which she corrects him and says it was only 40K. Phoolmati playfully pretends to struggle with calculations. Bindiya then requests Baldev to light a diya in front of Ambe Maa, as she has prayed for him. He obliges and also touches Dadi’s feet. Bindiya worries about Dadi’s foot pain and offers to help her to her room. Ishwar suggests it’s time for them to leave. As they’re saying their goodbyes, Baldev pulls Phoolmati aside to have a private conversation. She initially misunderstands his intentions but he clarifies that he simply wants to talk about Bindiya’s marriage prospects. Phoolmati informs him that nothing is finalized yet and she doesn’t have any preferences. Baldev then bids farewell, leaving Phoolmati pondering about the possibility of him becoming related to Rose through Bindiya’s marriage.

She tells Krish that the house is messed up, and Krish says he can handle anything. Payal says she can’t locate the keys. Krish pulls some keys from her purse and tries to open the lock. Payal doesn’t know who owns this house. Just then, Baldev calls Krish on Ishwar’s phone and asks him to come home quickly. He says ok. Payal asks him to leave. Krish says you understand and leaves.

After the puja, Indu and her daughter-in-law, Sakshi, join the ladies for their regular kitty party. As they enjoy their time together, Baldev suddenly arrives and expresses his frustration with the gathering. He explains that he had been robbed by some hooligans who took his phone and money. Concerned for her husband’s safety, Indu scolds him for not calling to let her know about the incident. Their son Vikram intervenes and tries to calm Baldev down, but he continues to feel neglected and unappreciated. Indu is hurt by his harsh words as she had always taken care of him, his family, and even his mother along with their children.

Baldev states that if Nidhi’s marriage had not taken place at the appropriate time, the outcome could have been unfavorable. She then requests him not to mention her sons and brings up Krish’s abduction when he was a child. He explains that Krish is taking five years for a three-year course and Vikram has only completed 12th grade. Baldev declares that he has made a decision and mentions that Nidhi chose a bride for Vikram from her family, hence he will also choose a suitable bride for Krish. He reveals that he has already selected Bindiya as the potential match. Krish overhears their conversation as he enters the room.


Indu tells Krish that he can’t marry Bindiya because she is an illiterate villager.

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