Meet 19th June 2023 Written Update


Meet 19th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update

Fifteen years later, Cheeku enters Sumeet’s room and sings a Lullaby to wake her up. Sumeet realizes she is late for her college performance and hurries to prepare.

Raj informs the college authorities to postpone the farewell performance for an hour, threatening to withhold any donations otherwise. Raj rescheduled a business meeting so he can attend Sumeet’s college function. Raj explains that he is Sumeet’s brother first and then a business partner. Mom complains about Sumeet’s behaviour to Dadi.

While Dadi, Masoom, and her husband watch from home as Sumeet expresses her aspirations to become like her mother, Meet Hooda, at college. Masoom compares the lifestyles of Meet and Sumeet, claiming that the latter will never be like Meet. Raj praises Sumeet, telling her she doesn’t have to be like Meet because she is already remarkable for being Sumeet. He invites Sumeet to party with her friends but asks her to bring Poonam along. Sumeet accepts.

Back at their residence, Masoom eagerly awaits her daughter Vani’s marriage. However, Vani reassures her mother that there is no need to fret over the matter, and their father concurs. Meanwhile, Sumeet receives praise from her companions for coming up with the idea of giving Poonam a chance to enjoy the hotel that Raj had booked for the party. As Sumeet observes a hotel proprietor reprimanding an elderly man for his subpar work, she steps in and uses her dhol skills to make the owner apologize to the gentleman. This act of compassion does not go unnoticed by Sumeet’s admirers and she also earns admiration from her friends.

One of Sumeet’s friends teases her about how her brother spoils her and suggests that she should explore the world rather than always following Raj’s rules. Poonam lets Sumeet know that she’s caught in traffic, causing Sumeet to become concerned about making it home on time. She reaches out to a friend to arrange a cab for her, and Sumeet readily agrees. The friend assures Poonam that the cab ride will be unforgettable.

The admirer arrives on a bike and reveals himself as the one who is supposed to drop Sumeet off at home. He praises her for helping the elderly man and accompanies her home.

Poonam meets Sumeet, and Raj also arrives, questioning Poonam for letting Sumeet get out of the car. Sumeet lies to Raj to protect Poonam, and when Vani spots Sumeet’s hands, she finds out she played the dhol. In an effort to help someone, Vani scolds Sumeet, calming her down and helping her prepare for a marriage meeting with a guy and his family.

Later, Sumeet discusses Vani’s accomplishments with the guy and his family. However, the guy’s mother discovers Vani’s hearing aid and uses it as a reason to demand more dowry for the marriage. Although Masoom agrees, Vani firmly refuses. Raj and Sumeet support her decision, resulting in the guy’s family leaving. Unfortunately, Masoom blames Sumeet for Vani’s hearing loss and becomes upset. In defence of her sister, Raj tries to speak up but is stopped by Sumeet. Furthermore, Masoom demands that Sumeet prove herself by arranging Vani’s marriage before Meet’s birthday in just seven days. Despite this pressure, Sumeet makes a promise to fulfil Masoom’s request.

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