Meet 4th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Pankhuri’s Devious Plans Unfold


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Pankhuri starts her performance by stating that she will not remain with Sumeet due to her dislike for him. Raj advises Sumeet to give Pankhuri space as she is sensitive. Sumeet believes that Pankhuri cannot make decisions for herself and needs constant supervision. She also ensures that Pankhuri does not interfere in Raj and Priyanka’s relationship. Anju organizes an event and considers having Shlok and Sumeet perform in it.

Poonam tells Anju that Sumeet plans to stay at Raj’s house until Pankhuri forgives him and returns. Anju expressed concern about having a big presentation for a client the next day, especially since Rajeev was also not around. She worries that there will be a lot of pressure on her if Sumeet and Shlok are absent. However, Poonam offers to help her out. Anju shows Poonam her wedding theme, but Poonam suggests changing the black color because it is believed to be inauspicious. Anju teases Poonam for being old-fashioned and out of touch with modern things. This hurts Poonam’s feelings deeply.

Shlok and Sumeet decide to grab some ice cream. While they enjoy their time together, Shlok playfully teases Sumeet. However, he notices that she seems worried and asks her about it. Sumeet expresses her suspicion that Pankhuri may be lying about her depression and mental state. Meanwhile, Pankhuri plans to seduce Raj by pretending to be in trouble: she hangs her nightgown strap on the fan and cries for help. Shlok becomes angry with Sumeet for doubting Pankhuri’s character. Despite Shlok’s lack of trust, Sumeet decides to take action against Pankhuri’s deceptive actions. Raj goes to assist Pankhuri but feels uncomfortable when he sees her dressed provocatively. Sumeet also arrives at the scene and helps Pankhuri out of the situation. Feeling grateful, Pankhuri assumes Sumeet will not allow her to get close to Raj.

Poonam expresses gratitude for Raj’s thoughtfulness in sending gifts to her and Priyanka. She acknowledges that Raj takes care of Priyanka and ensures she is happy. Pankhuri, on the other hand, adds cashews to the laddoo meant for Priyanka in hopes of causing an allergic reaction. Sumeet is called upon to assist with Priyanka’s symptoms. Unfortunately, Priyanka does have an allergic response to the sweets. Pankhuri remarks that it is fortunate Sumeet will be taking care of Priyanka, but instead, Sumeet prepares Raj’s bags and sends him to attend to Priyanka.

Pankhuri purposely withholds Raj’s charger. He turns to Priyanka, who hides her face due to an outbreak of allergic rashes. Despite her protests, he reassures her she will always be beautiful in his eyes. Applying turmeric paste to her rashes, he then shares the same remedy with Shlok, who passes it on to Sumeet. Pankhuri looks on with envy as Sumeet also receives the treatment. Over at Anju’s client meeting, Poonam’s traditional theme idea is well-received. However, Sumeet uncovers that Pankhuri had added cashews to the mix. The episode concludes with Pankhuri declaring she needs to call Raj back and begins her act.

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