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The judge says Raunak wasted time in court and tried to mislead the court. I am recommending police to transfer Raunak from the lockup to jail. Raunak says I did nothing.

Shagun says to Raunak don’t worry I’ll handle the situation. Raunak threatens Shagun that if he has to go to jail, he’ll tell Sumeet the truth about the wedding night. Sumeet believes Raunak might reveal the truth when provoked. When Poonam arrives and slaps Sumeet, she accuses her of destroying Shlok’s life for selfish reasons. Although Raj defends Sumeet, Poonam insists her son marry to Bitti rather than accepting Sumeet as his wife.

He tells Poonam he wants Sumeet to be his wife, but Poonam remains stubborn in her opinion and takes Shlok home. Shlok takes Poonam aside and expresses his trust in Sumeet. She taunts Sumeet, saying Poonam will still not accept her even if she proves that she is married to Shlok. Laughing loudly, Shagun mocks Sumeet, declaring Shlok and Bitti will be married in two days.

Shagun reprimands her goons and directs them to scour every corner for Priya. Trembling with fear, Priya turns to Sumeet and asks why she was brought to Shagun’s house. Reassuringly, Sumeet responds that Shagun would never suspect they were hiding there. With Priya’s phone in hand, Sumeet cleverly deceives Shagun by altering her voice, luring Priya into a room. Meanwhile, Raj finds himself behind bars and recalls paying off a constable to allow him inside so he can plead with Raunak to believe him. As Priya takes a sip of water from Sumeet, her eyes fall upon the wedding invitation of Shlok and Bitti. Brimming with confidence, Sumeet is determined to expose the truth before their wedding day arrives.

Raj lies to Raunak, claiming he attacked Shagun at the airport. He tells Raunak that Shagun is leaving the country because of media attention caused by his arrest. As Raunak panics, he refuses to let Shagun leave him and shouts that he did not murder anyone. Raunak becomes hysterical and pours water on himself. Raj realizes that he cannot easily break Raunak’s trust in Shagun. As Raunak’s belongings are being packed, Sumeet plans something.

The mehendi ceremony for Shlok and Bitti is underway, with Poonam noting that Bitti’s mehendi will have a dark hue signifying the love from her future mother-in-law. She also praises Bitti’s love for Shlok and their perfect match. Shlok expresses his confidence in Sumeet’s abilities to prove their marriage’s validity tomorrow. Meanwhile, Raunak receives food from home but Sumeet warns him against eating it as it may be tainted. Despite Raunak’s dismissal, he suddenly falls ill, leading Sumeet to urge him to purge the food. It is later revealed that Sumeet had added a mild medication to cause an allergic reaction in Raunak. As Priya watches from hiding, Shagun notices her prescription on the table and orders her goons to find the pharmacy where it was purchased. Later, she informs her lawyer that she has a plan to clear Raunak’s name and get him out of jail.

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