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Pandya Store

Pandya Store 9th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Suman’s request for everyone to celebrate and have fun as it is their Independence Day. Dhara agrees and turns on the song Yaadon ki baraat, joining in on the dance with the others. Emotions run high as they all shed tears of happiness. Suman embraces the children, including Chiku who asks Shweta to join them. They proceed to cut a cake, with Chiku being fed first by Natasha, who then suggests Dhara do the same. Dhara passes it onto Shweta and Gautam, who happily feed Chiku. Mittu declines eating the cake, jokingly saying she doesn’t want to give anyone a reason to leave. Rishita gestured to Natasha and then discreetly falls down, causing concern among everyone present. Immediately, Rishita asks for someone to bring water.

Raavi asks Shiva to call the doctor. Natasha asks Chiku not to go anywhere. Rishita says he won’t go anywhere. She pinches Raavi and signs her. Raavi also acts and asks Chiku how Natasha fainted. Shesh says I will fail their plan. He drops an insect there. Natasha sees it and shouts insect… Shesh laughs and says mum and Natasha’s plan failed. Dhara says we got scared here. Natasha says mum’s intention was correct, she wanted to stop Chiku.

Rishita apologized, telling Chiku that her earlier behavior was an act. Chiku reminded her not to put on a show, as he had witnessed many such dramas before. He mentioned Suman’s fake illness to get everyone to go home, but it didn’t matter now because they were all leaving. Shweta and Chiku then left together. Dhara expressed disappointment at Rishita’s actions, saying she just wanted Chiku to leave happily. Rishita explained that she needed to stop Chiku from finding out the truth. She noticed a box and called for Shesh’s help. Shesh assured her that he was a better option than Natasha for protection. Rishita agreed and asked him to fetch Chiku. As they were getting ready to leave, Rishita instructed the children to find the box and hide it. Shesh suggested playing one last game before leaving, and Rishita played some music while the kids searched for the box.

Chiku gets the box. Rishita says it’s a treasure, childhood memories, don’t leave her. Dhara goes upstairs. She takes three boxes. Dev, Shiva, and Krish look at the memories.

According to Suman, Dhara raised all of you with such love, I couldn’t do anything, but she did this, and she has kept everything with love. Dhara says like I kept Chiku’s memories, I kept their memories too, will they stay back, no, then how will Chiku stay back? Shweta takes the box. Chiku and Shweta leave. As she runs out of her house, she shouts stop Chiku, but he leaves in an auto rickshaw, so she faints. Gautam holds her. Everyone is worried.


The family leaves the house when Gautam says he has something to say. You all divide the share of the house, can I keep the Pandya store if you don’t mind.

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