Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 4th September 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 4th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

It starts with Vandana and her family visiting the fishermen’s area. She paints the boat. Vijay explains the puja rituals to Shivam. The lady says Vandana is auspicious for us. Vandana says I will also pray for prosperity. Mrunal says you look so nice. Bobby thanks her. Kunal sees Vandana. Hemant asks his friend to help her. Vedika and Parisa check the address. Vandana performs the rituals. Vijay asks Kunal to pray if he wants to. Kunal prays.

Everyone dances. Kunal and Vandana pray. Vandana checks her bank account balance. She goes to the dance. Bobby says she dances awesome. Kunal says yes. Bobby asks if you are okay, you praised Vandana. She remembers her problems and runs crying. She reaches her house. She sees it. She says she can’t let dad lose the house. She prays.

As she takes a deep breath and glances around, she spots Vedika and Parisa. Vedika’s words bring her back to reality – the door is locked, they should have informed someone before coming, Kunal is not present, they don’t know anyone in this place. She stumbles and falls, but luckily Vandana catches her just in time. Concerned, Vandana asks if she is all right and suggests that she take a seat. Vedika immediately apologizes for their sudden arrival and expresses how everything seems to be going wrong. Vandana embraces her and reassures her that everything is fine. Taking charge of the situation, Vandana gently soothes Vedika and offers her assistance. Introducing herself as Vedika and Parisa’s namesake, Vandana compliments their charming names. Pointing at her uncle-in-law as the one responsible for choosing her name, Parisa introduces herself proudly as they came here to visit him.

Vandana inquires if Kunal is your uncle? He can be quite arrogant. Vedika mentions that she cannot tolerate any negative comments about him on Rakhi. Vandana apologizes for her statement. Vedika reassures her that it’s alright and thanks her for the help. To clarify, Vedika mentions that while Parisa studies in New York, she currently resides in London. Parisa then questions about Kunal’s whereabouts. Vandana informs them that he is at the beach, celebrating a festival. Kunal expresses his disappointment with not finding any good singers and decides to head home. However, Bobby insists that he stays and enjoys some more time with them. Eventually, Kunal leaves for home while the goons arrive at the scene. Vandana demands to know their purpose of visit, but one of them asks for Hemant instead and gets into an argument with her.

She says I request you, please go. He shouts to call Hemant. Parisa and Vedika are ordered to go. Vandana closes the door and asks them to leave. The goon holds her hand. She pushes him and shouts. Kunal is stopped by a girl who asks for a picture with him, please, as I have a bet with my friends. She says please one pic, but he says I have to go. She takes a picture.

Vandana asks Hemant if she’s okay after he pushes the goon. The goon beats him and says we’ll see how they save each other on Raksha Bandhan. Hemant asks Vandana to go inside. Vandana picks a chair and asks them to leave her brother. Parisa says she is such a fighter. Vedika says yes. Vandana says just go, you’ll get money in a month. She gets scared and recalls her childhood. The goon hits her on the back. Vedika becomes afraid and recalls her childhood.

As Vedika screams, she immediately turns to Vandana for help. However, Vandana quickly urges her not to come any closer. The memory of Kuldeep slapping Vaani rushes back to Vedika. Suddenly, one of the goons strikes her. Kunal arrives on the scene and is taken aback by the situation. He wastes no time in defending Vedika from the attackers, who quickly flee. As Kunal tends to Vedika’s injuries, Vandana rushes over to Hemant. Curious about Kunal’s arrival, he asks when he got there. Meanwhile, Parisa apologizes for their sudden appearance as they had planned a surprise Rakhi celebration. Just then, Bobby hurries towards them and Kunal instructs him to get the car ready. When Vijay and his family arrive at the scene, they see that Hemant has been injured. Wanting to help in any way they can, Vandana offers their assistance while Kunal’s anger rises and he storms off.


Then Anagha tells Vijay everything. Vijay gets attacked. Vandana shouts. She says no one can force us to leave. Kunal calls the police.

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