Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 17th January 2024 Written Episode Update – Family Drama and Emotional Moments

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 17th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone in the episode compliments Kunal and Vandana’s dance. Guneet asks if Vaani taught her this Desi Punjabi dance. She smiles. Vedika says that her mother and Vandana were at home, and Vandana is quick to learn. As Vandana recites poetry, Kunal smiles. Everyone cheers for them. Pammi says let them enjoy, I won’t spare them, enough of their dance, now it’s a big dhamaka. Vaani looks at her.

In the end, Bobby makes Mrunal smile. Atya sees them. Bobby hugs Atya and wishes her well. She tells him she wants to start a social media account. He says yes. She signs Mrunal. Vandana thanked Vaani for making her Lohri memorable. Tara takes Vandana with her. Pammi finds Vaani alone and asks her to come with her. She asks Vaani to stop her drama and tell the truth. Vaani says she’s with Vedika. Vaani says I won’t remember anything.

I know you remember Kuldeep, but I don’t remember your children, liar. Kunal compliments Vandana’s dance. He says it’s talent, I’m your fan, Pammi reminds Vaani about the past. Vaani cries and gets scared. Vandana asks Tara if she has seen Dadi anywhere. Tara says no. Vandana says she is ill, and we can’t leave her alone. Stay here; I’ll go and look for her, and don’t go near the fire. Pammi says I know you remember everything well.

As Tara comes and says Dadi, Pammi worries. Sonia watches. Tara runs to Vaani. Vaani sees the flames and pushes Tara away. She falls and gets injured. Kunal and everyone rush to Tara. Vandana and Vedika hold Vaani. Kunal asks what happened. Vandana asks Vaani to calm down. She says everyone knows Vaani is mentally unwell, so why did you leave her alone if Tara got burned?

Vaani asks Sonia why she did this and if she wants Tara killed. Vandana says don’t blame Vaani; she is older than you, so respect her. Pammi says if anything happened to Tara, we would have forgotten everything. She asks Kunal why you kept Vaani home. She scares him. Sonia says I cannot risk my daughter’s life, Vandana. You call yourself a good mother. How can you support Vaani? Pammi says you are insane. Both Sonia and Pammi blame Vaani.

Vedika asks Pammi to calm down. Vandana says Vaani didn’t do anything intentionally. Guneet and Bobby ask them to stop the fight. Vaani says I didn’t do anything. Vandana says I know, calm down. Sonia scolds Vaani. She thinks we should send her to the hospital because she has become insane. Kunal shouts Sonia…

When we encounter an elder on the road, we show respect to them. Vaani is my mother. She lives with us, and you shouldn’t insult her. Don’t use such words, and you have no right to scold her. You are a good mother, right? Why didn’t you pay attention to Tara? Dadi didn’t push me into the fire but rather saved me from falling into it. Vaani cries.

Kunal turns to Sonia and asks her to listen. Then, he turns to Tara and requests her to recall the events. Tara responds by explaining how she and Vandana were searching for Dadi, but she managed to spot her and run towards her. However, Dadi pushed her away to protect her from the fire before she could reach her. At this point, Kunal’s attention shifts to Pammi, who says she is about to do the same thing. Vandana then interjects, asking why Pammi didn’t mention this earlier if Vaani wasn’t trying to harm Tara. Everyone looks at Pammi, who insists she didn’t see what happened. Guneet questions why she accused Vaani in that case. Tara chimes in, mentioning that she overheard Pammi asking Vaani if she remembered something. Vandana also asks what Pammi wants Vaani to remember precisely. Guneet echoes the same question.

Kunal becomes upset and seeks solace in Vaani. He addresses the group, urging them to pay attention. He assures them that despite Vaani’s illness, she will remain in the house as it is his decision. To Sonia, he suggests starting a new life now that she has recovered and bids her farewell. This causes Sonia to worry. Kunal then leaves with Tara. Vaani reassures everyone that she has no intention of causing harm to anyone. Vandana hugs Vaani and reminds her that this is her son’s home, where she belongs, and nobody can force her to leave. She shoots an angry look at Sonia.

Vandana enters her room with Vaani and offers her a glass of water, comforting her by insisting she has not done anything wrong. As Kunal arrives and observes the scene, Vaani is reminded of their previous conversation before he leaves. Vandana reassures Vaani that their relationship will improve as she stands by her side. Meanwhile, Pammi questions Sonia about her actions, leading her to suggest that Sonia leave the house. However, Sonia refuses to leave without causing a stir and declares that she will get back at Kunal for what he did. Pammi asks for details of her plan, which involves sabotaging their kites during the upcoming Sankranti festival.


Kunal says I can’t ask Vaani anything. Vandana says you can ask her when she regains her memory. He says you are a good mother, daughter, and a good wife, too. Sonia says your story will come to an end soon.

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