Udne Ki Aasha 4th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Financial Surprises and Emotional Moments

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Sayali asks Shubha what’s up. Shubha doesn’t answer her question. Renu draws a sketch. Paresh likes it. Kishor says he got the final settlement cheque. Paresh thanks him. Kishor says 27 lakhs. Renu smiles. He goes to Tejas. Tejas asks what happened. He gives Renu the cheque. She says go and give it to Tejas. She prays for Tejas. He goes to Tejas.

Paresh will give the invitations to his friends. Tejas smiles and says I’ll give it. Paresh says that’s the retirement check. He thinks he’ll deposit it in the bank in the morning. Paresh says you get it there in the morning; keep it safe. He does. Isha calls Tejas and tells him it’s good news. I’ll come there to see your reaction, and I love you.

As he approaches Isha, she hides with her friend. Tejas shows her a DD and says, “I’m so excited!” Isha says, “Wow! That’s great news.” She says, “I will get the money tomorrow, and then I won’t marry, and our dreams will come true.” He hugs Isha. Her friend jokes about him. He leaves. Tejas laughs at Isha.

Shhubha goes to get some advance. She takes 50,000rs, and the man tells her she has to return 65,000rs. He asks her to pay it on time. She thanks him and leaves. Shikuntala says she’s going now. Renu says your son isn’t waiting for you; Shubha will come give you money. Tejas waits for Sachin to leave and lies about the car to Paresh.

Sachin refuses. Paresh says Ajji is coming by train, and we must pick her up. He says no, we’ll pick her up from home. Tejas asks Paresh to check his name. Shubha arrives. Paresh says you have surprised us. Renu says I called her to talk. Paresh gets Kishor’s call and leaves. Renu gives Shubha tea. Shubha says I just got 50000rs and’ll get more when I can. Renu and Shakuntala get happy together.

When something goes wrong, Shubha says to forgive us. Shakuntala says Renu is very nice, so don’t worry. Shubha leaves. Shakuntala thinks I’ll leave, too. Tejas asks what’s in this box. Renu says Shubha got modak. He says he loves it, give it to me. He sees the money. He says he’ll keep some. He leaves.

When Sudhakar finds out Sayali is married, he becomes angry. He says I will marry her. Shubha sees her bridal saree. She tears and sees Alok’s picture. She gives it to Sayali. They hug and cry and say no to Juhi and Dilip. Sayali says you both will be my responsibility. Shubha says you must maintain a balance between both families.


He falls, and Haldi splashes on Sayali’s face after seeing Tejas and Sayali’s picture.

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