Mehndi Wala Ghar 18th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Suprabha’s Taunts and Rahul’s Bold Move

Mehndi Wala Ghar

Mehndi Wala Ghar 18th March 2024 Written Episode Update on

Throughout the episode, Suprabha and Vicky taunt the family about Manas’s affair with Aashna. She asks Manoj to control his son. She says Mauli would be lacking something if Manas was dating someone else, Mauli wasn’t telling the truth, we got saved because our relationship with your family broke, marriages don’t last in this family. Suprabha taunts her and goes with Vicky. Janki asks what’s going on and asks Manoj if this is true. Ajanta and Manoj get sad.

Rahul expresses his gratitude to his brother for being a loyal supporter of the truth. Together, they enter Dr. Khurana’s cabin and are reminded by Mauli to set up the spy cam quickly. However, their plan is almost foiled when they hear Dr. Khurana approaching. Quick thinking on their part leads them to hide under the table, with the assistance of Rahul’s brother. Excitedly, Rahul notes that this is an opportunity for a live recording and proceeds to capture Dr. Khurana and Dr. Sheena’s conversation. In it, she asks him if he will help her secure a promotion, to which he enthusiastically agrees. Rahul recollects his previous conversation with Mauli and shares that they must obtain evidence of Dr. Khurana’s extramarital affair through a secret video recording. Despite Mauli’s objections, Rahul remains determined in their mission. The flashback concludes as they continue with their plan.

Dr. Khurana says we will celebrate your promotion. Rahul gets up and says sorry to disturb you. Dr. Khurana asks who you are. Vijay taunts Manoj about Manas. Janki asks Manoj if he knows about it. Manoj recalls ousting Manas. I knew it, but that girl wasn’t suitable for him. He was doing wrong, and I’m sure he would return to Mauli. Vijay said we felt the same about you, and you didn’t return. Dr. Khurana asks how you came inside.

Rahul suggests calling the entire hospital to celebrate your extramarital life while Sheena turns to Dr. Khurana for assistance. He instructs her to leave, and she does so. Mauli stands up, catching Rahul’s attention. He reminds Dr. Khurana of their previous encounter with her, which leads him to scold Mauli. Showing him a video, Rahul asks him to drop the case against Mauli, as she did nothing wrong by saving the girl. Dr. Khurana argues that she broke their agreement, but Rahul disagrees and accuses him of being unfair and disloyal towards his wife. He points out that although Mauli was in a difficult situation, he promised to remain faithful to his wife, making his actions dishonest.

He scolds Dr. Khurana. He says life runs on trust; I have proof against you. Dr. Khurana asks what he wants. Rahul says you will withdraw the case right away. Dr. Khurana agrees and signs the papers. He taunts Mauli about Manas leaving her on the wedding night, and Rahul scolds him for it.

According to him, Manas is a complete failure who fails to recognize Mauli’s worth. She, on the other hand, is both sensible and selfless. He even goes as far as threatening Dr. Khurana. He declares his support for Mauli and takes her by the hand as they leave. However, she stumbles and falls, prompting him to help her up and carry her along. Memories flood back for her during this moment. The focus of everyone’s conversations seems to be Manas. Ajanta intervenes, insisting that blaming Manas for his actions is unfair since he was in love with Aashna and only married Mauli because of Manoj. Swara chimes in, stating that he is responsible for their marriage. However, Ajanta reveals that their marriage has been annulled legally, making them no longer husband and wife, which shocks everyone present.

When did this happen, Ajanta? You haven’t told me about it, Manoj says. Ajanta asked how I could tell you you were in the hospital, and I didn’t want to stress you. He says you supported Manas, so don’t make my health an excuse. Vijay says so sad, I pity you, you left the house for Ajanta, your wife and son are out of control. Janki asks Vijay not to taunt Manoj. Hari and Janki discuss Mauli.

“We must intervene to preserve Manas and Mauli’s marriage; otherwise, it could end disastrously. When he inquires about the situation, I express my concern that Mauli is distancing herself from Manas and may turn to Rahul. I fear their friendship could jeopardize our family harmony and reputation. They should stay apart, as Vijay would never forgive Manoj if something happened between them. Agreed, but how do we resolve this issue? I contemplate taking matters into my own hands.”

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