Shiv Shakti (Zee) 10th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Shakti’s Secret Mission

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 10th November 2023 Written Episode Update on

Hearing Guruji tell the family to unite Shiv and Shakti, Mandira smirked. Keertan is angry, and she notices that. Dadi gives sweets to Guruji, but he says he is fasting. Mandira says I have some work to do, so she goes. Padma wonders why she agreed to it when she didn’t like Shakti.

Shakti receives a call in the middle of class, where the man urgently requests to meet her. She politely asks if they can reschedule, but he insists on meeting immediately. After ending the call, she remembers Shiv’s warning about a vital class but still feels compelled to meet with the man. Then, a thought occurs to her, and she decides to use gossiping as leverage against those who have been taunting her. After checking the students’ identities, she informs them that they will face consequences for their actions, and they promptly apologize. Shakti then assigns them a task – recording the lecture – and shares her contact information with one of them before leaving.

I love Shakti, and Keertan tells Mandira he plans to marry her to Shiv. Mandira strikes him and shouts, “You want to marry that girl who isn’t even a servant?” Keertan says I love her. I don’t know what to do. Mandira says I’m doing what I think is right. Keertan asks how I would see Shiv and Shakti together. Mandira says just let me do what I’m doing, and trust me. Shakti doesn’t deserve you, and I promise we’ll win one day.

Shiv thinks she should check on her when Shakti isn’t in class. He goes to her class, but she doesn’t show up. She calls her, but she cuts it off. Shakti meets Ranjan in the police station. She says she can return her complaint, but you must do your job. He cries and says I will do anything you need. Shakti says you are not alone in all of that. Mandira helped you, so you must expose her to the public.

You have only one chance to escape jail, so think about it. It’s your only chance. Ranjan asks me to leave. Shakti says you will get out of jail soon if you tell the truth. Shakti thinks I’ll expose Mandira on Diwali. Shiv claims Shakti isn’t in college, and it was a significant lecture. He is wrong. The pot breaks when he hits it wrong.

Manorama scolds Shakti for being late when she tries to help her with the rangoli. I was waiting for you, and I was calling you too. Shakti says my battery died. I am sorry. Manorama asks where were you? Shakti thinks I cannot tell her about Ranjan. Manorama says you have to be with Shiv.. Shakti says no. Manorama asks if she is up to something. Chacha says let her be, and it was her first day at college. He instructs her to go and get ready for pooja. Shakti leaves.

As Shiv enters her room, she plugs in her phone and sees she has missed 12 calls. She calls him, but he cuts it off. He is angry and says I don’t want to talk to her now. Shakti messages him and tells him she knows he is furious at her, so she apologizes. Shiv leaves his office angrily when he sees that. I can’t even tell Shiv where I am, Shakti says.

Shiv comes home, Dadi asks what happened? Shiv says she didn’t take my calls, she does what she wants to, this is wrong. He angrily leaves. Dadi says I can’t wait for Shiv and Shakti to get ready. As Mandira smirked, Guruji said they would separate if I united them. Dadi is angry with Shakti today only, but Mandira says it is a couple’s fight, so let it be. Chacha does pooja and gives aarti to his family.

In Shiv’s words, Shakti was irresponsible today. Mandira says you should talk to her and ask her why. Shiv says you trust her too much. Mandira says you should speak to her, and she’s your friend. He says okay and leaves. She smirks and says I’ll make them marry and then separate them.

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