Pandya Store 28th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Dhawal and Natasha’s Romantic Evening

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 28th November 2023 Written Episode Update on

It begins with Dhawal smiling as he sees Natasha. She presents him with flowers and asks whether he will be with her tonight. He smiles and nods. The song Dil kyu ye mera plays… He says I will be your forever date. As part of Bansi’s deal, he asks her to sign the papers. He says you can sign it at any time. Natasha signs the papers immediately. Amrish looks on. Dhawal receives a call. Natasha signs the papers.

Natasha tells Dhawal to finish the report quickly. He says it’s done. She signs the blank paper. She thinks Dhawal is like a kid. He becomes happy. He asks Hetal to deliver the file to Dolly. Amrish smiles. Dhawal and Natasha leave. Amrish sees the papers signed. He cries happily and says now Pandya store is ours. I love you,

Natasha’s relationship with Dhawal will end today. Dhawal takes her somewhere and surprises her. She likes the place and asks what happened to him. He says I want to impress my wife. Adha Ishq…plays… they smile and hug. Chirag gets Dolly out of the house.

She is not fond of the location and insists it’s not a suitable spot for a romantic dinner; it appears quite eerie. He reassures her, “No, I had planned to spend some undisturbed time with you and surprise you.” Dhawal acknowledges, “We do argue frequently, and our trust in each other is lacking.” Natasha replies, “Usually, people have time to get to know each other before marriage.” He counters, “But in India, 90% of marriages are arranged, and they work out just fine. We should focus on finding respect and trust in our relationship.” She suggests, “Perhaps we can give it a try then. I have complete faith in you now. Do you trust me as well?” he takes her hand.

Amrish is holding the papers and struggling with his thoughts. He wonders if he should sabotage his brother’s marriage but ultimately decides not to ruin his brother’s life. Yet, he worries about the potential consequences of his actions. Meanwhile, Dhawal presents Natasha with a beautiful bracelet, and she expresses her gratitude. He then explains that marrying her was the best decision he ever made and reveals the other half of a heart-shaped necklace, which symbolizes their union. Natasha can’t help but smile at the romantic gesture.

She insists he wears the bracelet. Jeena hai…. rings… Chiku considers, “I’m not well-versed in tax filing. Should I constantly rely on Natasha for help?” He overhears Harish talking to Bansi, who mentions that Natasha has authorized the papers. Curious, Harish asks if she is also permitted to demolish the Pandya store. Chiku is taken aback. “I must consult with Natasha about this,” he says worriedly. Furthermore, Suman may become sick; what did you do? Dhawal inquires if they can start their married life as a true couple. Natasha beams with joy.


Natasha scolds Dhawal for cheating her and taking her signature. They cry together.

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