Pandya Store 9th October 2023 Written Episode: Natasha Unveils Deception!

Pandya Store

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The Episode begins with Natasha desperately seeking answers. She implores Dhawal to provide her with some kind of response, expressing that she will believe him even if he denies any involvement. In an outburst, Dhawal confesses that he deliberately deceived her and their entire relationship was a fraud for the sake of the Pandya store. Shocked, Natasha hears him say that he never truly loved her. Both of them burst into tears. Dhawal admits that things have changed, and every moment spent with her has captivated him – her eyes, conversations, mischievousness, and emotions all began to affect him profoundly.

Hetal says to listen to me, calm down, and think well. Natasha asks if you know all this. Amrish and Amba are stunned. Dhawal recalls his time with Natasha. Amrish looks at Hetal. Natasha says you didn’t pity me, I’m a fool for not tolerating your sorrow, I made you tie Rakhi to your brother, did I make any mistakes? In response to Hetal’s question, he asks when it happened and what happened in the house. “Hetal,” he says, “I know we don’t celebrate Raksha Bandhan; why do you hide that and lie to us?”.

Natasha questions how such a grave error could be made. As a fellow businessperson, I can understand the extent of my losses. She embraces Amba and expresses disappointment in her lack of affection for her daughters-in-law and apparent favoritism towards her sons. With no parents, Natasha believed she found a maternal figure in Amba. Suman’s words about the Lord creating mothers resonated with her; she looked up to Amba as a divine being. How could she betray that trust? One becomes attached to it after spending just four days with an animal. Our Pandya store has been our lifeline, so how can you take it away from me? And why did no one try to stop Amrish and Dhawal from their actions?

She questions why no one informed her and why they allowed this deceit. She insists that she has never harmed anyone. She turns to Pranali, asking why she didn’t speak up. Pranali responds that revealing the truth would have caused her family to suffer a significant loss, and she prioritizes them over any other relationship. She explains that she had attempted to tell her before but couldn’t risk jeopardizing her family’s well-being. Natasha interjects, mentioning that she was also planning to join this family. Pranali clarifies that she isn’t referring to the Makhwana family specifically but rather her own family, where her father works as a small accountant for Amrish’s company. She reiterates that she tried to share the information with Natasha, but doing so would have potentially destroyed her family’s livelihood.

Amrish signs Bhaven. Bhaven stops Pranali and says don’t explain. Natasha says Dolly and I got married at the same time. My dad has invested crores of rupees in this project, and will you do it for a small store? Did you see me do a drama? Love matters. Chirag loves me a lot, so why can’t you adjust? Chirag loves you, Natasha says. He doesn’t lie.

She says you have never put any effort into your relationship, love eventually happens, what happens if the Pandya store breaks, you are getting a new store, why overreact, be practical. My family lived and died for emotions in marriage, perhaps you are right, this isn’t a big deal, I’m making it big, I’m an emotional fool, I fell in love with Dhawal, but I can’t move forward in this false relationship.


Chiku says I’m Chiku, and your problems are mine. Natasha slaps him and says my brother cannot be a goon, Amrish sent you, tell him, he won’t get Pandya store ever again.

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