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Recalling Sakshi’s suggestion to ask Sumeet to stop playing the Dhol so he can pursue his dreams without her overshadowing him, Shlok sits in a room filled with conflicting thoughts and voices. Just as he prepares to pick up Sumeet’s Dhol, she asks why he is alone in the dark. With mehendi in her hands, she asks Shlok for help with her suit clasp. Sumeet then shared photos of her mehendi on social media, which received an overwhelming response of thousands of likes.

As Sumeet says, she has been playing the Dhol since childhood because she loves it, but she never imagined it would become a career for her. Shlok asks if she can give him something valuable, and she agrees if it brings him joy. Sakshi advises Sumeet to stop playing the Dhol, but Shlok doesn’t mention it to Sumeet and instead advises her to rest well since she is fasting the following day.

While Sumeet and Anju fast during Karva Chauth, Poonam prepares food for them. To avoid any misunderstandings, Poonam plans to feed Sumeet Kheer herself. Sumeet gets emotional, missing her mother, and mentions that she always missed the taste of the kheer her mother fed. Raj arrives, and Poonam teases Sumeet to smile to avoid misunderstandings. Raj hugs Sumeet and brings gifts to everyone.

Sumeet enlists Raj’s help in delivering Priyanka’s gift to her room. Upon receiving the bangles, Priyanka reveals her desire to observe the Karva Chauth fast. Unfortunately, Raj accidentally drops the box of bangles, causing Priyanka to worry about potential bad luck. Fearing for their marriage, she expresses concern,, and Raj remembers Pankhuri’s accusations. He asks Priyanka about their possible options if they cannot marry each other. Overcome with emotion, Priyanka reassures Raj of her trust in him and admits she would be heartbroken if anything went wrong. Raj consoles her and playfully reveals that he is only joking.

Raj is about to reveal the truth when Sumeet inquires about the reason for Raj’s concern, but Pankhuri intervenes, preventing Raj from speaking. In the Chowdhury household, all the women perform the Karva Chauth rituals while listening to Dadi’s story of Satyavan and Savitri.

Raj seems worried about something, but Shlok isn’t telling Sumeet about it. Pankhuri pulls Raj aside, wondering if he would tell Sumeet the truth. She manipulates Raj with Sumeet’s name and threatens to harm herself if the truth is revealed. Raj promises to confess the truth to Priyanka.

Sakshi’s principal calls Sumeet and asks him to meet her guardian. Shagun is shown at the location, and Sumeet rushes there. Sakshi tells Shagun they should celebrate because they have effectively created misunderstandings between Shlok and Sumeet on Karva Chauth. Sumeet observes Sakshi and Shagun from a distance. Shagun informs Sumeet that everything that has transpired is part of her plot.


During Karva Chauth, husbands and wives get close, but you and your husband will be getting apart, so Shlok will ask you for a gift that is very close to you today.

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