Agnisakshi 22nd August 2023 Written Episode: Satvik and Jeevika’s Honeymoon Turns Mysterious


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The Episode begins with Aadhya expressing her amusement at Guru ji continuously performing their marriage rituals. Satvik comments that they should be asked if they desire to remarry again. Lata assures them she can see their happiness and adds that the house has become serene after the puja. Shlok points out that they have not been able to complete one particular ritual. Lata inquires about this ritual, prompting him to reveal it as his brother and sister-in-law’s honeymoon. She admits that they had forgotten about it, while Shlok mentions that despite being married for six months, they haven’t gone on a honeymoon yet.

Aadhya shares that their plans for a Swiss honeymoon had fallen through. Satvik reassures her he won’t make the same mistake again and suggests they start packing. Rajnandini acknowledges that several meetings are scheduled but agrees that a honeymoon is necessary. Jeevika expresses concern about Satvik compromising his work, so Shlok suggests a nearby destination instead. Aadhya proposes to go to their farmhouse in Lonavala, but Rajnandini informs them that it is no longer accessible. Narayan asks for an explanation, and Rajnandini explains that the property has been closed for years and may be dusty. She then suggests choosing a more romantic location instead. Lata reminds everyone not to interfere with their decisions on where to go.

Aadhya mentions overhearing a conversation about the caretaker, prompting Jeevika to wonder why Vahini is anxious. Rajnandini expresses gratitude for Aadhya’s reminder that she had assigned a caretaker there. Lata instructs Satvik and Jeevika to go to the designated location. Rajnandini plans to inform the caretaker while Jeevika ponders Vahini’s unease. Concerned that Satvik and Jeevika may stumble upon something they shouldn’t, Rajnandini is interrupted by Juhi’s arrival. Juhi reveals that Lata is still curious about something, causing Rajnandini to dismiss her musings and urge her not to waste her energy. Curious, Juhi prods her sister for the hidden secret she can’t share with her younger sibling. Annoyed, Rajnandini orders her to leave and attempts to reach out to the goons without success.

When Jeevika enters the room, she asks what’s going on. Satvik replies, “I’m excited to go with you, and this is all about honeymoon arrangements.” He finds her medical report. Jeevika says that she does not think we will go there. Satvik asks why she is apprehensive. He says she has sworn not to agree with your statements.

Satvik and Jeevika arrive at the party. Rajnandini tries to convince Narayan that Satvik and Jeevika should not go. Satvik says Mausi, we are ready to go. Lata says you are eager to go, and I feel you will fulfill Narayan’s dream. Satvik says I am not refusing either. Jeevika looks sad. Rajnandini is upset that the call is not connecting. Juhi asks why she is concerned.

When Satvik and Jeevika leave, Jeevika wonders what will happen when he learns my truth. Satvik says there will be no problem, and we will solve it together. He says we will reach the destination, and he has double rights on you after the marriage. Jeevika gets emotional as he says I won’t let you go.

When Swara comes out of Swara’s college, Shlok asks what you are doing here. She wondered who had told her she was studying here. Shlok says she told me. Swara says she wishes you would find her. Shlok says you will inquire about her. Swara confirms.

Rajnandini calls the caretaker, Sundari, and asks why she took so long to pick up the call. The caretaker replied that she was fastening up a rope for your guest. She smiles. She asks her to hide everything before Satvik and Jeevika get there. Udkarsh is shown unconscious and chained on the floor. Satvik says God gave him all the romance. They get down. Jeevika runs behind Satvik to hit him. Udkarsh’s chain is opened by Sundari, who says that your Bidaai time has come.

Udkarsh is in a separate room from the house and shoves Sundari. Jeevika and Satvik are alerted by the commotion and are on their way there. In defense, Sundari grabs hold of Udkarsh, but he manages to break free from her grasp. Before he can do anything, she quickly administers an injection to render him unconscious. Satvik takes charge and decides to call the caretaker for assistance. Taking advantage of the moment, Sundari hides Udkarsh among some dry grass. Just as Satvik is about to reach her on the phone, Jeevika notices it ringing nearby. Panicked, Sundari realizes they need to act quickly. As Jeevika cautiously peers into the room, she discovers the chains that restrain Udkarsh. Suddenly, Sundari sneaks up behind her and places a hand on her shoulder, startling Jeevika.


At night, Satvik and Jeevika dance. Udkarsh runs. Satvik and Jeevika watch.

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