Agnisakshi 19th April 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 19th April 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode opens with Pallavi discussing how a woman’s true happiness lies with her husband and instructs Jeevika to pack her things. Satvik interjects, insisting that Jeevika will not be leaving and will remain here. Narayan questions why she won’t be joining them, but Satvik points out that Jeevika had just returned two days ago and was feeling homesick. Narayan concedes, telling Satvik to bring her back whenever he wants. Swara suggests that perhaps they should all stay together and then Satvik can take Jeevika with him later on. This idea doesn’t sit well with Pallavi, who struggles with preparing enough food for everyone. Shlok chimes in, declaring that they won’t let Satvik enter the house without Jeevika. Swara agrees, stating that he should just stay there instead of going back and forth. Rajnandini adds that Satvik has important business dealings to attend to, but he reassures them that he can manage both work and staying at the house. Narayan suggests they try to secure the deal together as a family.

Satvik tells Pradeep that he won’t let Jeevika go with him. Satvik says I’ll win your heart. He says until you let Jeevika go with me, I’ll be here as an icecream. Later, everyone plays carom board. Pradeep warns Satvik not to play with Manohar. In the carrom board, Satvik teams up with Manohar, while Swara teams up with Pradeep. Pradeep asks Swara to let him defeat Satvik.

To overcome Pradeep, Sukanya asks Manohar to help her. Jeevika goes and sits down. She asks Satvik not to get too happy, as she will not make Dada lose. Satvik says even he does not want him to lose, and explains that he has won many competitions in college. Jeevika plays and wins. Pallavi says I praised you, but you lost. Pradeep says he isn’t upset about losing to his sister.

When Rajnandini asks Jeevika to come, she asks Satvik why he stopped her. Then, Swara admires them as they talk and takes their photos. She hopes to find a guy like Satvik. She gets a message from a chat friend, and he is none other than Shlok. Shlok smiles at her.

It is ok for Rajnandini to lose small wars to win big wars. She says she will prove great after signing deal with Vohras, and Satvik will prove to be a failure.

The following day, Satvik seeks Sukanya’s blessings before heading off to finalize the deal. She offers him a serving of curd and sugar, causing Satvik to become emotional. He fondly remembers how his mother used to drop him off at school and ask if she would also take him to work. Despite her promise, he would arrive at the office only to find her missing. Sukanya reassures him that she is like a mother to him now. After their exchange, Satvik leaves and Sukanya asks Jeevika to prepare a tiffin for him. Pallavi interjects, commenting on how sending tiffin for Satvik seems like something one would do for a small child rather than a successful man who has access to chefs. However, Sukanya insists that it’s important for them to take care of Satvik as he is like family now. She then asks Jeevika again to take the tiffin with her. Pallavi expresses her desire to go out for dinner at a five-star hotel with Satvik, but Sukanya gently reminds her that they are not entitled people who can rely on others for everything like wealthy individuals might be able to do. She even advises Jeevika that if Sat

Rajnandini tells Satvik that Papa came to office and says he feels you care more about Jeevika’s family than Savitri silks. Satvik says he will go and meet him, otherwise he will feel Jeevika’s son is not his. He leaves.

Jeevika inquires Sukanya about the reason behind making so many dishes for Satvik. Pallavi points out that their mother has been blessed with a son who is a two-in-one package, and jokingly adds that she might forget her other two children, Pradeep and Pallavi. Jeevika remarks that Satvik will surely be pleased. Sukanya agrees, saying that it takes time for kids to understand their parents’ decisions. Just then, Manohar arrives with Jhanvi and shares prasad with Jeevika. Jhanvi mentions how Kaki had mentioned that eating prasad would result in having children. To this, Pallavi interjects and states that even if God wills it now, Jeevika cannot have kids anymore. Manohar reminds them of Jeevika’s love for children, but Pallavi interrupts again by saying “but.” Confused, Jeevika asks what Pallavi means by “but.”


After seeing Jeevika leave, Rohit follows her, pulls her saree veil and says he doesn’t leave a woman he likes. Jeevika slaps him. As Rohit pointed at Jeevika, he said, “This cheap woman slapped me, and I just held her veil.” Satvik told him, “How dare you. She is my wife.”.

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