Anupama 13th August 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 13th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Adhik physically abuses Pakhi and says she joined the office despite his warning, thinking she is smart and he and his sister are dumb. She pleads with him to leave her as it is hurting. She is warned to stay away from business if she wants to earn Anuj’s trust and prove his wrongdoing. Romila watches them. Adhik shouts at him to stop staring them and go to his room, but he stops seeing Anuj and Anupama returning home.

In response to Anuj’s question, Anupama asks if anything happened. Adhik says Pakhi dropped the laptop and broke it, all her hard work was in vain. Pakhi apologizes to Anuj for breaking his laptop. Anupama asks Pakhi if she is okay. Pakhi says yes and apologizes. Romil walks away murmuring crazy people here behave well. Anupama hears him.

Despite fighting and many differences within their family, Hasmukh and Leela never thought about division. Instead of sending them away from our eyes, Vanraj says we should let them stay the way they like, because children bring immense joy and immense pain to us. Anupama comforts Pakhi and asks what happened to her. Kinjal comforts Leela and asks her not to worry. Leela says she’s becoming like Anupama.

As Pakhi hugs her, she says she feels she made a mistake joining the office because she does not understand work. As Pakhi looks at her and Adhik’s picture and hopes everything is going well, Anupama informs her that Shah House was divided today. Pakhi is shocked to hear that. She says she will find it difficult at first, but she will learn slowly, and her buddy Anuj will help her.

As Dimpy strolls down the hallway in slippers, Leela raises a concern about wearing them at home. Dimpy clarifies that she is referring to their house, not her own. She proceeds to purchase new household items such as crockery, a fridge, and a washing machine and expects Samar to foot the bill. With pride, she announces that she will not be using any of their old belongings and has even opted for an induction top instead of gas. When Leela questions what will happen during a power outage, Dimpy nonchalantly replies that she will simply order food from outside. She then teases that while she won’t be using their groceries, they are welcome to use hers. This infuriates Leela even more. As Dimpy walks away, Samar silently trails behind like an obedient dog. Leela seethes with anger, while Dimpy attempts to soothe her temper.

Romil says he needs help with his studies and asks Pakhi not to knock on his door before entering his room. Pakhi requests him not to tell Anupama or anyone else about what happened downstairs. Despite what Pakhi and her husband do, Romil says he doesn’t care what he and he do, but if her husband oversmarts him, he will expose him. Pakhi walks away worried. After dinner, Romil meets Kapadias and demands pancakes.

He asks if she saw it on Whatsapp University, but Anupama promises to prepare a pancake for him and describes how home cooked food contains complete nutrition. She says it is written in their holy scriptures and asks him to check it himself with his smartphone. Ankush informs Romil that his admission process is complete and he will accompany him on his first day of college. Romil says he will go on his own.

Romil gets angry when Adhik drops water on him. He fights with him. Family interferes. Barkha supports Adhik. Romil reveals that he saw Adhik mistreat his wife.


Pakhi hears Romil and Anupama talking. Romil says he doesn’t need sympathy, he speaks what he feels, and he doesn’t act dual faced like her son-in-law.


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