Anupama 5th August 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 5th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

As Adhik storms to his room, Pakhi advises him to refrain from getting angry and threatening Romil. Adhik snaps at her, telling her to back off. In turn, Pakhi reminds him not to meddle in his sister and brother-in-law’s affairs and let them resolve their own issues. Anupama expresses her confusion to Anuj about the situation. Anuj reveals that nearly two decades ago, when Ankush used to visit Delhi from the USA, he and Barkha faced problems in their marriage. As a result, Barkha moved out and only requested Ankush’s name as support. It was during this time that he began an affair with another woman. Anupama asks if this woman knew about Ankush’s marriage.

She knows and tells Anupama she needs his companionship, not his name. She asks what happened after that. As a single mother, Anuj says her preferences must have changed, and she probably thought she couldn’t handle a son’s responsibility, so she left abroad and left his responsibility with Ankush. According to Anupama, they don’t value marriage, society, or family.

After Pakhi offers water to Adhik and he refuses, she questions his recent anger and physical abuse towards her. She reminds him that she could have pressed charges for domestic violence, but instead chose to understand his perspective. Anupama expresses her disapproval of such relationships to Anuj, stating that if loyalty cannot be maintained, the relationship should end. Her heart goes out to Barkha, who was given a second chance by Ankush despite her mistakes. She believes the whole family is affected by their situation, including innocent Romil. Despite being a victim of domestic violence herself, Pakhi tells Adhik that she is willing to give their marriage another chance as she has also made errors in the past. However, Anupama shares her belief with Anuj that once trust is broken, it can never be fully regained and the fear will always remain.

Anuj believes there may be more to what she’s saying. Anupama recalls Kavya’s disloyalty and recognizes that she can’t betray her trust by revealing it. Kavya opens up to Adhik, admitting she still loves him and that her return to the office wasn’t to belittle him, but rather to try and mend their relationship. She urges Adhik to do the same. However, he simply walks away. Anupama feels for Romil who has been silently witnessing the chaos and remarks that Ankush is in the wrong. Anuj concurs but reminds her that they shouldn’t interfere in others’ lives. With a nod, Anupama decides to go check on Bebli while Anuj heads off to see how Choti Anu is doing.

Anupama dials Kavya’s number. She explains that she was just about to call, since she had already been on the phone with V. However, he abruptly left without saying a word and she’s afraid he may do something rash. Anupama reassures her not to worry about Vanraj harming himself and promises to speak with him as soon as he returns. Despite Anupama’s advice, Kavya continues to call Vanraj repeatedly, but he repeatedly hangs up on her while driving. Feeling helpless, Kavya wonders where Vanraj could be and decides not to bother Anupama any longer. Eventually, Vanraj arrives at Kapadia Mansion and calls Anupama. Worried for her children’s well-being, Anupama anxiously asks about their safety. To her relief, Vanraj confirms they are fine but confesses that he isn’t doing well himself. He reveals that Kavya desperately wants to talk to her, but he can’t bring himself to let her speak with Anupama. In a state of confusion, Vanraj expresses his desire to have a conversation with Anupama. Without hesitation, Anupama asks for his location and immediately steps out of the house to meet

Vanraj apologizes for showing up at night and acknowledges that there are issues within her household. Anupama reassures him that it’s not a problem to confide in someone during difficult times, and suggests he speak to his life partner instead. Vanraj refuses, stating that he doesn’t want to hear Kavya’s name because it angers him. Anupama points out that when he’s on good terms with his wife, he doesn’t want anyone interfering, but when problems arise, he wants others involved. Vanraj brings up Kinjal and asks if she said the same thing to her. Anupama responds by clarifying that their situations are different. Vanraj questions if it’s because of his past mistakes, prompting him to ask how she was able to forgive his betrayal and describes how he is feeling with Kavya’s betrayal.

Vanraj says he is reaping what he sows and now realizes what she must have felt. Anupama doesn’t want to remember the event again. Vanraj says he can understand his pain, Kavya is wrong, but he can’t punish the baby. Anupama says it’s not his baby. As he continues to express his fears, Vanraj claims that he cannot take care of someone else’s baby; he is not that great; he asks not to inform Anuj or anyone else about it because he might become a live joke.


Anupama apologizes to Malti Devi for her misbehavior and warns her not to provoke a mother in the future.


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