Anupama 10th March 2023 Written episode update

Anupama written update

Little Anu is very excitedly telling everyone at home about her day. She tells them she went in a private place to the Ashram.  She says he met her friends and gave them gifts and also had fun at the beach. Maaya walks in.  Anuj says they enjoyed more than the school picnic

Maaya asks Anuj and Anupama why they went to the picnic without informing her.  She wants to know if they went to get any information about her.  Anupama says the world doesn’t revolve around her and if they wanted to gather the information they would have done so before letting her stay in the house.  Maaya says sorry.  Anupama tells her that it’s difficult for those who break others’ trust to trust others also but she should try.

Anuj tells Anupama not to spoil her mood and freshen up so that they can have coffee together and then go out for dinner.

Maya said she could not get a night flight so she is leaving in the morning.  She asks if she can stay at home or if she should book a hotel for a night.  Anupama allows her to stay.  Anupama asks Anuj if Maaya will go alone or take Little Anu with her.

Paakhi, Adhik, Kinjal and Kavya are going to the Dance Academy for Anupama’s birthday party.  Hasmukh is not going as he is tired so he stays back to look after Pari.  Leela and Vanraj are not invited. Vanraj says if only youngsters are invited then why is Kavya going?  Kavya replies that she too has been invited.

Anupama starts the party with a dance.  Kavya says Anupama is the best mother.  Anuj says she is happiest when her children are around her.  He arranged for the party at the Dance Academy as he does not want any negative issues and Anupama always feels positive vibes here.  Kavya says she was feeling burdened and wondered if she made a mistake by telling them about Maaya.  But she is happy that both are normal and everything is alright.

Pakhi and Adhik have baked a cake.  Anupama praises Adhik because he has changed Pakhi. 

Anupama is getting ready to cut the cake when Anirudh enters.  Kavya introduces him as her friend.  Anirudh says he has always respected Anupama as his sister and hence came uninvited.  Anupam welcomes him.    Aniridh says he hopes his presence is a surprise to all and not a shock.  Anuj assures him it’s okay, they are not shocked. They cut the cake together.

Anuj watches Anirudh and Kavya together.  He says there is a spark in Anirudh’s eyes and Anupama replies that she knows the cause.  They discuss about Vanraj and hope that everything improves between Vanraj and Kavya.

They notice Little Anu looking sleepy so they decide to drop her hope.  Anuj and Little Anu insist that Anupama stays back and the two go home together.  Anupam hugs Little Anu while she is leaving and reminds her that her parents love her a lot.

At home Anuj preparing Little Anu to sleep when Maaya walks in.  Maaya says she will take care of Little Anu when Anuj objects but Little Anu insists on sleeping with Maaya and requests Anuj to go back to the party as Anupama will be waiting for him.

At the party, Anuj informs Anupama that Maaya is taking care of Little Anu and they will take her to their bedroom when they reach home.  Anupama anxiously asks if Maaya is leaving alone.  Anuj says he did not ask and we will see about it later.

Maaya is crying bitterly and Little Anu asks her the reason.  Maaya says she has to leave her and go the next day.  She says two moms cannot stay under one roof.  Anupama has her own family but she has only Little Anu.  She brainwashes Little Anu saying Anupama is happy with her three children.  She even shows Little Anu the photo that Pakhi has uploaded on social media.  She tells Little Anu that very often Anupama is so busy with her children that she doesn’t have time for Little Anu.  And this is the cause of fights between Anuj and Anupama.  She tells Little Anu that Anuj and Anupama fight because of her as Anupama cannot spend time with her own children because of her.  Little Anu sadly listens to Maaya.  Maaya thinks that she has to do this to take her away.


Anupama sees the note and is shattered.  She shows Anuj the note that Maaya has left.  Both are in a state of shock.

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