Teri Meri Doriyaan 19th March 2023 Written Update


Inder thanks Angad for attending his reception and saving him from reporters’ questions. Inder says his son is always an inspiration to his family, but when he discovered he was weak, he became his support system. Garry holds Jasleen as she walks down the stairs and slips remembering Manveer insulting her. He promises to avenge Manveer. Reporters discuss if the bride will come or not. Jasleen walks down the stairs and slips.

As Prabjot hears their conversation, she offers juice to Manveer and asks her to calm down. She provokes her against Sahiba and asks her to forgive Jasleen since Garry is helping the family despite the insult from his mother. Manveer gets angry and walks to protect Angad. Bebe tells Darji that Sahiba did not come even after she personally asked. Reporters ask Angad if he and his family have not accepted a poor bride yet.

Darji asks Bebe what she told Sahiba. Bebe says she asked her to come down and save the dignity of the family. Darji smiles and says Sahiba will come for sure. Bebe asks how he can make such a prediction. Reporters ask Manveer if she tortured her DIL so much that she won’t attend her reception. Angad becomes angry and shouts at them to shut up. They continue to question him and ask where his bride is.

Sahiba is dressed in a beautiful sari and says Sahiba Kaur Brar is here. The Brars are happy to see her. Veer asks her and Angad to walk on stage. Angad asks her why she came when she refused earlier. Prabjot comments that Sahiba came late intentionally to humiliate them. Garry and Jasleen look down on her. Sahiba says he came on Bebe’s request.

In response to Darji’s gratitude, reporters praise Angad and Sahiba’s jodi. Angad says they are worse than chameleons, who change their statements depending on the situation. They apologize and ask them to pose for photos. Angad refuses and tries to leave.

Sahiba says Angad is hesitant to pose with her. Manveer is angry and says Sahiba wants to humiliate them again. Reporters ask Sahiba what she means. Sahiba says she means Angad is habituated to pose alone during business meetings, he will definitely pose with her.

Angad says reporters troubled them a lot before she came. Sahiba says reporters were doing their duty and are paid for questioning, so he must learn to shut his mouth with whatever they ask.

Angad still loves Seerat, so Darji asks her if she accepts that Sahiba and Angad are meant to be together. Bebe says Angad still loves Seerat, so why did God make his jodi with Sahiba?

Seerat disguised as a waiter serves guests and waits to meet Garry and questions his intentions, but Manveer warns her not to talk about Seerat because she will break Seerat’s mouth if she comes near her again. The drama continues as Inder coughs and asks Seerat for some water. Seerat offers him water while hiding her face.

Sahiba and Angad dance during their reception. Sahiba warns him not to treat her like a slave or else she will expose his truth. Everyone applauds. Seerat becomes jealous.

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