Faltu 3rd January 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

As the episode begins, Faltu asks the nurse to take her to a doctor as she has lost her sight. Ayaan is worried. Harsh says we should pray that Faltu is okay, don’t worry, we will find her in the morning.

Ayaan asks Kinshuk to call Charan. Kinshuk says Charan’s number is off. Faltu says her dad will be coming. The doctor says fine, I will admit you to the general ward. She asks if she will get her eyesight back. There is a possibility that you will regain your sight, but there is no guarantee, it is a complicated situation. Ayaan thinks of Faltu.

The Raahein Mudgai plays… Faltu also thinks of him. Savita asks him to sit, why is he restless? She calms him down. Tanisha says it’s not a good thing to have feelings for someone else, you’re ruining the beautiful moments of your marriage because these moments will never come back. Tanisha cares for you, she handles guests well when they ask you for you, so don’t take Tanisha for granted, you can’t feel for Faltu.

She asks him not to cheat Janardhan. She says I was going to commit suicide, but Dad saved me and you. He says he is sorry, but please do not do this again, I promise I will always keep my responsibilities.

She says it’s okay to worry about Faltu, but Tanisha should be your priority, understand her. He hugs her and assures her not to complain.

Now you need to rest. She leaves. He thinks about how he should explain his heart, I think I have fallen in love with Faltu. Faltu thinks this should not have happened, so I will leave. She leaves.

Asha asks how you admitted her, it looks like a police case. The man responds that she was unwell, so I admitted her.

Asha argues. She asks about her husband. Faltu thinks of Ayaan. She says this sindoor is fake because I work for a drama company, I’m supposed to be a bride.

Asha says you lost your sight. Faltu says ask my dad, he will tell you everything. Asha says we’ll see. The doctor helps Faltu. Janardhan and Kanika talk.

Kanika wants to take Tanisha home for pagphere. Janardhan agrees. Ayaan and Tanisha arrive. Everyone smiles. Faltu washes her face. Tanisha sits for rasam. Savita instructs her to distribute the money.

It will be easy for Ayaan. Kinshuk says don’t cheat, it’s your test. Ayaan says I’m sure you’ll do it. Asha says I’ll wipe the sindoor. Faltu says wait, don’t worry, I’ll remove it, go out.

She fills Sindoor under her hair and calls out Asha. Asha doesn’t see the Sindoor, and Tanisha distributes the money. Suhana says money has gone over. Tanisha apologizes, and she will make up for it. Dadi says this was the test, we can’t leave anyone behind. Faltu helps the people by sorting out their fight.

The precap:

In the temple, Faltu meets Ayaan. He misunderstands her seeing the sindoor. He scolds her for marrying Pappi.

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