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Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 9th August 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

During the episode, Ayaan says you will fulfill your dad’s dream and start anew. She checks the divorce papers. He says I don’t want to tie you up in this relationship, so I got these papers, I had torn the papers you had signed before, thinking that you loved me and wanted to stay with me. I was wrong, you have decided to move on, and I promise I won’t bother you again.

He asks her for a last hug. She thinks you have doubted me again. He thinks I was right, if you are happy, then that is all that matters. He cries and leaves. He angrily breaks things. Neil says broken relationships are like broken glass, so sign the papers, end this problem, and free yourself.

Dadi says the eldest bahu will perform the puja. Tanu says Faltu is not the elder bahu, how would Savita feel knowing this. Janardhan says ask Ayaan once. Ayaan arrives and shares, “Faltu isn’t the eldest daughter-in-law. “I visited Faltu,” Ayaan states. Tanu asks, “Why did you go?” Dadi asks about Faltu’s plans to return home.

Ayaan explains, “She won’t be returning now, so I went for the last time to make up for the loss.” Janardhan asks about the loss. Ayaan responds, “I’ve talked to the cricket board about her comeback, and they’ve agreed. She can play cricket again. I’m so proud of you; I’ll clear up your misunderstandings,” Janardhan concludes.

Tanu remarks, “You did a good job. She seems eager to finalize the divorce.” She then turns to Dadi and requests information about the puja. Ayaan interjects, “Nothing will alter, as I’ve already given her the divorce papers.” Janardhan inquires about the implications. Ayaan clarifies, “In a short while, she’ll sign the papers and send them back. She’ll discover happiness and move ahead.”

Dadi asks Ayaan how can you divorce her, I have no idea, Faltu will do the puja. Ayaan says don’t be adamant, please, she won’t return. He leaves. Tanu asks Dadi to support Ayaan. Dadi says fine, do whatever you all want. Faltu will perform the puja. Tanu gets angry.

In his words, Dada ji says Ayaan gave you the dream; prepare for the nationals. Once Faltu gets selected for nationals, her life will be set. Neil asks what will happen to our business, she had planned to join us. Dadaji says, “She will play cricket and achieve her dream, you’ll see.”

Faltu says I have to answer Ayaan. Neil says I will help you in cricket. She says not to worry, Dada ji needs you in business.

Dada ji picks up a phone call. He hands the phone to Faltu, instructing her to talk to Dadi. Dadi informs Faltu that Ayaan has sent divorce papers once again, highlighting that both Faltu and Ayaan are the elder son and older daughter-in-law of the family. Faltu asks for advice on what to say.

Soon after, Pandit calls and discusses the grahshanti puja, assuring that it will mend the situation between Ayaan and her. While Tanu is willing to participate, the Pandit suggests that Faltu should perform it. Faltu becomes anxious and mentions that she needs to visit the Mittal house. Dada ji smiles.

Tanu is arguing with the pandit when Janardhan and Dadi see her. Dadi says I stopped her, but she is adamant, she is spoiling everything, I can’t see it. Janardhan says to calm down. Kumkum mentions, “I’ve placed the juice there; I assumed you had it. Remember your Nirjala fast?” Tanu becomes anxious and recollects consuming the juice. She responds, “I didn’t notice it; I can’t commit such a significant error. I’m not a child.”

Faltu arrives for the puja, and Tanu objects, “You can’t come.” Faltu counters, “I haven’t signed the divorce papers. This is my house, and I have more rights than you.” Dadi introduces Faltu to the pandit, who mentions that he will prepare the bhog.

Ayaan intervenes, “No, Faltu. I’ve hurt you enough; you don’t need to do all this.” However, Faltu insists, “I will perform the puja.” As the puja begins, Tanu takes her place. Dadi instructs Tanu to participate and learn the rituals from Faltu. The pandit requests Ayaan to sit with his wife. Janardhan and Dadi also encourage Ayaan to sit. Consequently, Faltu sits beside Ayaan.


The ring of Faltu falls. Ayaan picks it up and asks Neil to make Faltu wear it. Neil does so. Tanu smiles.

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