Faltu 15th April 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 15th April 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Charan says we’ll go meet Janardhan. Janardhan attends to the guests. Faltu and family meet Janardhan. He asks Faltu to serve refreshments to the guests, as there isn’t much staff. Everyone is worried about Janardhan’s behaviour. Faltu says I will do the work, there is no shame in doing the work at home. She asks Charan and everyone to sit down. Janardhan asks Charan to assist Faltu. Ayesha asks where is Ayaan. Faltu says he cannot do that to his dad. Charan says forget about it.

Ratan and Angoori get angry. Faltu says I’m fine, I worked here before as well. Kinshuk says Ayaan isn’t here. Sid calls Ayaan. Sumitra comes. He says I don’t understand. She says I had to come, so much drama is going on, I love drama, finally, Ayaan and Faltu’s marriage is getting announced.

She asks what Tanu plans to separate Ayaan and Faltu, and he answers yes. Faltu serves the drinks to the guests. Dadi asks Faltu, you look beautiful, why are you doing this? Faltu replies, “My family is sitting there, I’m helping them.” Dadi asks her not to do the work. Faltu replies, “I’m helping them.”

Ayaan says he doesn’t like this. Sumitra says go sit with your family, don’t do this, if he sees it, he will feel bad. Sid asks if you talked to Ayaan, his phone is off. Faltu signs no. In addressing the media, Janardhan says he handled the business at a young age, so he can’t focus on his personal life. His wife, Tanisha Mittal, will handle his work in his absence. Ayaan’s wife will be Faltu soon. Sumitra asks Sid to check if Ayaan read the message. He says he didn’t know his dad cheated on him. Janardhan says Tanisha is Ayaan’s better half, she will handle this.

Ayaan is happy with this decision. He was unable to come because of some work, don’t worry, he will come soon. Govind asks what Janardhan wants to do. Dadi says I don’t think he has thought of this, someone has filled his ears. Tanu says Ayaan is happy with this decision.

It will be better when we meet Ayaan, Jamuna says. Janardhan says just bless my son and bahu. Ratan asks if Ayaan is fooling us, tell me, Faltu. Charan says that we will go from here. Jamuna says no, we will go after we meet Ayaan. Faltu thinks it’s Tanu’s new game, she lied and called us here to insult us, where is Ayaan, Angoori says. Janardhan says I must make another announcement, I want Faltu to come on stage. Her family is delighted with the announcement. Faltu goes on stage, and Janardhan makes fun of her name. He insults Faltu a lot.

Janardhan says Ayaan pitied Faltu and brought her here. Sumitra says we didn’t expect Janardhan to play such a big game. Sid says I pity Ayaan and Faltu, this shouldn’t have happened. He gives Faltu a money bag. He says it’s for the work you’ve done for us. Faltu cries. He says Kanika and I are charity partners too; Kanika’s given her free admission to the academy. Sid says he can’t do anything, we’re stuck. Faltu replies, “You’re doing nothing right.”.

Faltu’s family cries. Janardhan says I am showing you and your family the right status. He goes to Charan and says we believe in humanity, we want to help you, take the money. Janardhan asks Charan to take the money. Angoori says Faltu insulted us once again. As Kanika asks how dare you, we are doing a favour for you, and you are insulting us, Faltu says it was your plan. She gets angry.


In front of everyone, Ayaan promises Faltu and marries her. Tanu cries.

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