Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 16th February 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 16th February 2023 Written Episode Update on

Pakhi and Virat urge Vinayak to open his door and at least tell him what happened. Vinayak recalls Virat discussing Sai. Bhavani asks what happened. Pakhi accuses Virat of upsetting Vinu. Vinu shouts to Virat that dirty Aunty has done black magic on him and that he always talks about her. Pakhi says that is what she meant. Vinu tells Virat he won’t open the door unless Virat promises to fulfil his demand. Virat asks his demand. Vinu says he wants a promise first.

Vinu opens the door. Pakhi pampers him and asks Virat to fulfil his promise. Vinu asks Virat to promise that he won’t let Sai take him away from this house and Pakhi. Savi shares Virat’s brought modak with Sai and says Virat loves them a lot. She shows her new nameplate prepared by her. Sai says it’s beautiful and asks how she fixed it so high. Savi says Baba fixed it, and she sent its photo to Vinu Dada describing it’s his house as well and that he can come to stay with them.

Sai thinks she can’t understand what Virat is doing, he is fixing a nameplate here, and Vinu is unable to convince Sai that she is not dirty or a sorcerer on the other side. Virat promises to relieve his pain, and Vinu thanks him. Virat says he will definitely promise to reduce his pain. Virat gets ready for work. Sai calls him and asks if he called her. Virat says he doesn’t remember. Sai says she thought he wanted to talk to her. Virat says no. Sai says no. Virat says he wants to talk to her. The call gets disconnected.

From behind, Pakhi thanks him for clearing her doubts and promising Vinu. Virat frees himself. Pakhi tells him we should relocate to Mumbai for the sake of their and Sai’s peace of mind. According to Virat, he promised Vinu he would not accept the Mumbai promotion and not leave Nagpur unless he removed fear from his mind.

Pakhi asks how he can do this, this promotion is important for his career. Virat says he can’t take Vinu away from his elders because he wants good sanskars for his son. Pakhi says this isn’t good for Sai. According to Virat, Sai will decide what is good and bad for herself, not them. Usha informs Sai that they have to pay two months rent and buy groceries. Sai says she will meet the house owner and pay rent, as they are moving to Mumbai.

The question comes from Usha. Sai says she will let her know later. Savi brings a bucket of warm water and asks Sai to soak her legs in it to relax. Sai feels relaxed. Savi informs her that Virat is refusing to accept his Mumbai promotion. Sai asks why Virat is doing that. She gets an emergency call from the hospital and leaves. A few sari-selling ladies visit Usha and take her away.

A doorbell rings. Savi opens the door and sees Bhavani standing. She asks what she is doing here. Bhavani asks if she will call her by name. Savi said she scolded her for calling her badi aaji/senior grandma. Bhavani says she can call her badi aaji from now on and asks if she will not call her in.

Vinu dada was right when he said badi aaji is reformed now. She offers her water and says she can’t prepare tea because her parents won’t let her near the gas.

In response, Bhavani says her parents gave her good sanskars and she is intelligent like her. Savi jokes, “masta masta”. Bhavani smiles and says she wants to share a secret with her.


Sai tells Virat that she will stay at Chavan Nivas until her mission is completed, after which she will leave. She asks me to promise that she can meet Vinu anytime and affectionate him anytime. He says that’s okay. He says he will repent if someone else comes into her life.

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