Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 31st March 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 31st March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

In response to Paakhi’s question about Virat filling food plates, Virat says she will join him and he knows she hasn’t eaten since morning, so she should have something. Paakhi offers him a bite, saying he hasn’t eaten anything since morning either. Virat asks him to eat first.

Paakhi expresses her gratitude towards him for caring about her and acknowledges that his small gestures hold significant meaning for her. She justifies her actions by stating that while her methods may have been questionable, her intentions were pure. She explains that she did what she did in order to keep her family close to her. Virat says her act will take his children away from him; he regrets not seeing his daughter grow up, and he prays to God to keep his children near him. She attempted to break a house to keep her house intact and he will not forgive her for that.

He requests Paakhi to listen to her once. Virat stands up saying he cannot compromise when it comes to his children and he cannot stay in this room with anyone as she has become a stranger to him. Paakhi says he can’t do this to him after promising to walk with her for life. Virat walks away saying he is tired of their relationship now.

Saavi invites Chavans to join her in celebrating her mom’s victory today through a video message. Bhavani asks if she spoke right and if will everyone join her. Bhavani declares that she may not speak for others, but she will definitely join her. They both wait at the dining table, anticipating the arrival of everyone else.

Sonali tells Saavi to wait until the rest of her family joins her. Saavi refuses. Virat joins her first, followed by Sai. Sai wants even her Vinu dada to join her. Saavi feels happy. Virat, Sai, and Vinu serve her food. Vinu then feeds a bite to Sai. Sai gets emotional and says this is her best moment.

After Vinu became angry with Dr aunty, Virat asked him what hung his mind. When Vinu’s mother told her that Dr aunty hurt her, he realized that she had saved his mother twice and couldn’t hurt anyone. He got confused when his mother told him Dr Aunty had hurt her, so he called Dr Headache who told him that his Dr Aunty had saved his mother instead and that his mother was confused as well.

He embraces Sai tightly and expresses his gratitude for saving his mother’s life. The boy believes she is the sweetest angel in the world. He says he thought she would take him away from his mamma, but she is not. Paakhi walks in and stands emotionally. Vinu notices her and insists he has dinner with them. Paakhi says she is not hungry, but his mamma is with him because of her.

He drags her to Sai and tells him she was confused by Dr aunty hurting her, but Dr aunty saved her and is not a dirty sorcerer, and if she hadn’t saved her, she would have left him a long time ago; they would have stayed together forever. In order for her to make peace with Sai, he asks her to reconcile her differences.

Saavi also insists Sai reconcile her disagreements with Paakhi Aunty. Vinu asks them to share shrikhand puri together and be at peace. Sai feeds Paakhi first. Paakhi apologizes and feeds Sai next. Saavi claps saying her aayi and Paakhi reconciled. The others clap as well. Sonali comments that Sautan has become a friend, let’s see how long that friendship lasts.

As a recap:

It is Paakhi who initiates the conversation with Virat, expressing her desire to start afresh with him. Virat responds, agreeing that he too wants a fresh start. However, he conveys that he can no longer continue their relationship and wishes to be with Sai as his life partner once again.

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