Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 19th May 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 19th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

After Swati leaves, Raghu greets her and asks if she wants coffee. She replies that she is leaving. He asks if you are upset, shall I drop you off at home. She asks why, do you work or not? She scolds him and leaves. Shivendra and Surilii continue their video chat. He says that you should arrange the clothes in the closet.

You know comfort, she says. Shivendra shows his family picture. He introduces his brothers. He says they are all my life. She states, “Sasha, Diya, and Pammi Maasi are my whole life. Diya holds a special place in my heart.” She proudly shows him pictures of her parents. However, even though they were praising their daughter, he humbly remarks, “I would have greeted them.”

She apologizes, saying, “Sorry, I need to leave.” He responds, “Talk to you later. Remember the breakfast challenge.” She replies, “You too, please send me proof.”

During his meal, Raghu reminisces about Swati’s words. A man joins him and says you have to drink alone. The man says one person who is alone drinks and one person who feels alone, I am type 1 and you? When Raghu gets a call, he says, “I’m in a meeting, I’ll call you.” The man replies, “Type 2, you?”

The man states, “I will meet you today without delay. Although we were scheduled to have a meeting today, we ended up meeting in an intriguing location. I am Samar Ahluwalia from Delhi, and I submitted a tender in your company. That is why I have come to meet you today.”

He comes to have breakfast. Maan and Sam joke about Shiv’s meeting. Ambitai gets breakfast for Shiv. Rani Maa sees the laddoo and tea. Ambitai says Shivendra wants this breakfast. Shivendra eats it in the style of Surilii. He imagines her and smiles. He eats it and says wow, buttery…. Sam asks what it is.

As Shivendra looks around, he says, “It’s really tasty, you guys should try it”. Sam and Maan also try this. They also like it. Sam says we should ban the oatmeal. Rani Maa watches. Maan says this delicacy is awesome. Shivendra tells them to give it to me too. They refuse. Ambitai sends more laddoos. He says the laddoos trumped the veg salad.

He asks Rani Maa to try. She says I don’t remember when I was served something else for breakfast, I don’t like change, you enjoy, I feel tired, I’m going to my room. She leaves. He asks Ambitai to send Mum’s breakfast to his room. He takes a selfie with his brothers. She says she doesn’t like change. Ambitai agrees.

Surilii says Shivendra has eaten the laddoos with tea, so I’ll eat a vegetable salad. Pammi asks why you’re eating salad, make parathas. Surilii says I’ll come. Sasha teases Surilii. Diya arrives. Sasha tells Surilii she didn’t sleep well. Surilii asks what. Shivendra and Surilii talk. On a video call with Bandish, Shivendra is busy.

Surilii’s message makes him smile. Bandish says I am glad you are fine, I was afraid, I miss you a lot. Shivendra says I miss Mumbai too and will return when the doctor permits. Sasha is still chatting with Shivendra as the important meeting begins. He asks her to record a song and send it to him. The inspector comes and asks for her.


The man says I couldn’t meet Shiv, so I will use Raghu. Surilii asks inspector to save Sasha. He says she has to tell him about her husband.


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