Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 18th July 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 18th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

Pammi asks Surilii to have food or at least drink water at the beginning of the episode. She drinks water and asks her to go. She lies. Rani Maa greets Samar, and everyone joins her for dinner. Her sons surprise her with cup cakes. She asks Shiv to sit and thanks the sons. Maan says we love you.

Then Rani Maa promises that I won’t be sad anymore. Samar becomes angry and drops the spoon. Swati smiles and helps him. Samar says it looks great to have all the family here, but why did Surilii leave? Shiv says she left, and she’ll be back soon. Rani Maa asks what she left.

In order to stabilize the shares, Raghu suggests collaborating with Samar. Samar says yes, Shiv isn’t paying attention to the business, so I have to act. Shiv gets angry and scolds him. Raghu stops Shiv and tells him to stay away from Samar and his business. He tells the business plan. Shiv says it’s a scam, not a business, we’re Barots, so we don’t need anyone. Maan says sorry Samar.

Shiv is requested to come. Samar apologizes, I did not mean anything wrong, I just wanted to help. Raghu says you want to give him business, he has no focus. I think Shiv should get Surilii back because business is getting affected. How will he handle it?

A crying Shiv talks to Surilii’s picture. He says I need you so much, I’ve spoiled everything. I’ll fix it, I’ll come take you. Rani Maa comes to him and comforts him. She tells him to get Shiv back. Surilii thanks her. Maasi says she’s going to beat you now if you don’t listen. Shiv is on his way. He buys a bouquet and asks the man to make a bouquet with all the roses.

He says I made a big mistake, so I should apologize as well. Maasi gets a call and says the café had a short circuit, but there is no fire. Surilii says ok, you go there. Sasha says we’re coming soon. Maasi and Sasha leave. Shiv comes to meet Surilii. Shiv asks why she came here. He claims our connection commenced through a misinterpretation, yet you comprehend me adeptly. She inquires, “Do you comprehend me?” He concedes, admitting to an error.

They argue. She cries and says you made our relationship a joke. She recalls the divorce papers. She asks why did you come here when everything ended? Shiv apologizes to her. He says you are acting like a typical wife, and you remember our good memories too. She says I will never forgive you.

She asks what about your actions, what if I go back with you, I will be scared, I will be thrown out of your life, no, I can’t insult myself further, I also have self-respect, so please go from here. Surilii says wait. He does shayari. He asks her to give him a chance, he’ll make everything right.

Maasi and Sasha make their entrance. Maasi rebukes him, leading to Shiv’s expulsion as per her instruction. He tenders an apology, to which Maasi responds, stating that while his hurtful remarks might be forgiven, his actions cannot be overlooked. She points out, “You have…” At that moment, Diya displays her collection of dolls, resulting in Maasi’s scolding. She beseeches Shiv to avoid tarnishing the family’s reputation and labels him an outsider.


Samar says he will finish everything. Surilii sees Shiv standing on the road and getting soaked in the rain. He apologizes to her.

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