Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 16th August 2023

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

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The episode starts with Rani Maa saying I will give this maang tika to my elder bahu Surilii. Swati asks what, she says I have a right on it. I find all the qualities in Surilii, her thinking is different, but her emotions touch your heart, she has earned this right. She says I am also your bahu. Rani Maa says you have to perform a bahu’s duties, and you need time to understand it. She leaves.

Upon arriving at Ranak palace, Shiv and Surilii come to pick them up. Roshni opens the front door. Shiv recommends sitting behind Mohit. Roshni says legs are more spacious in the front. He says there is lots of legroom in the back seat as well, Surilii has motion sickness. She says you are still the same, you care for everyone, you used to care a lot for me. Shiv says the credit goes to my upbringing, mom asks me to assist everyone. They leave.

Shiv and Surilii are going to have a grand welcome from Rani Maa, Swati says. Raghav says don’t be sad, I have a surprise to make you happy, everything is going to change. Shiv holds Surili’s hand. Roshni watches. Samar sees Shiv’s car and follows. He says the way to the palace is that side. He asks where they are going. Shiv takes Roshni to a house. The staff welcome her there. She says it looks nothing like her palace. Surili says no, it’s our guest house, so you will be taken care of well.

Roshni inquires whether Mohit will be staying here. Surilii assures her it’s the best option. Shiv confirms that the staff will be at their disposal. Rani Maa then calls for Surilii and she informs that they have arrived at Ranak and will be there shortly. She urges Shiv to join them as everyone is waiting. Surilii also mentions that daily meals will be provided from the palace. Meanwhile, Samar is suspicious of the unidentified girl and child and decides to investigate further by taking a photo before leaving. Mohit expresses his admiration for the house while Roshni plans to move to Ranak palace and asks him to freshen up. Just then, Shiv and Surilii arrive at home and are welcomed by Rani Maa.

Her aarti is done. She informs everyone that this is not a welcome for my son, but for my upcoming grandchild. Everyone is surprised. Shiv asks what. Rani Maa says don’t act like you don’t know anything, you are going to be a father, Surilii will be the heir to this palace. Surilii is seen by Shiv. He asks what he sees. I won’t let Rani Maa give maang tika on this occasion, Swati says.

Surilii went to Mumbai to tell this good news, Rani Maa says. Shiv says Surilii told me, but I didn’t expect such a grand welcome. Sam welcomes them. Samar stops Raghav and says calm down. Swati goes and gets the maang tika. Rani Maa says I will become dadi soon. She dances. Shiv says you’re not well. She says I’m happy, I’ll get the maang tika for Surilii. Swati breaks the maang tika, hides, and runs away from Rani Maa. Surilii says Shiv, you didn’t have time to listen to me, she says.

The maang tika is given to Surilii by Rani Maa. Surilii believes Mohit is the Barot family’s first heir. According to Rani Maa, Shiv will make you wear the maang tika tomorrow after puja. Surilii thanks her. Swati says congrats and makes her drop the box. Surilii and everyone get shocked to see the broken maang tika. Rani Maa says it’s a bad omen. Shiv says to relax and sit.

In Rani Maa’s opinion, it is not right. Surilii says we can fix it, don’t worry, I will fix it. Rani Maa says she wants to know how this happened, how did the box break suddenly. Swati smiles. Rani Maa replies, just you came to meet me. Swati asks what, you are blaming me, you forgot I’m not the only one to see it, Mithi got the box. Mithi says I’m not to have broken it.

Mithi says you don’t need to clarify, Raani Maa, I know the truth. Swati says you trust this maid, not me, sorry, I am insulting you, I have a lot of jewellery. Raghav argues with Rani Maa. Shiv says talk to your mother in a polite way. Surilii says calm down, I’m gonna fix this, I’m gonna wear this maang tika tomorrow, it’s a promise. Rani Maa says I’ll ask the pandit to give mahurat, so this should get fixed. Surilii says it will happen.


Shiv brings Roshni home. Swati asks who she is. Rani Maa says she doesn’t know where Shiv is.

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